Hi and thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Jon Payne, and I’m a small business entrepreneur who specializes in inbound marketing for lead generation and e-commerce.  Want to learn more?  Read my background and bio…


My Projects

I’m currently working on a handful of new business ventures under my “umbrella company”, Net Focus Media.  You can read a bit more about our first two projects below:

ModernIndustrial.com is an ecommerce store that offers industrial supplies include plastic piping, fittings, valves and more.  We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and commitment to superior customer service.  Our core products are mainly plumbing supplies like schedule 80 CPVC fittings, schedule 80 PVC fittings, schedule 40 PVC fittings, DWV fittings and a wide range of PVC pipe and valves as well.

TheCareerProject.org helps young professionals and those seeking a change to figure out what type of career matches their interests and skill sets, and then how to go about getting the necessary training and building the requisite credentials needed to secure a job in that field.

Market Street Supply is manufacturer that develops various product brands and sells them online through various channels. It’s first brand is Comfy Clothiers, a line of collar extenders and pants extenders that enable you to feel comfortable while also looking sharp.


Hire Me – Marketing Services I Offer

Having built and run a digital marketing agency for the past 10 years, I’m quite comfortable in just about any sort of consultative role, and I have worked with hundreds of clients in just about every industry you can imagine.  I enjoy learning about new businesses and industries, and helping my clients to solve whatever sales or marketing challenges they may be facing.  Here are a few ways I can help:

I can also help with topic-specific consulting on the following topics:

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Services I Do NOT Offer

I want to be upfront and clear that I do not offer SEO or PPC campaign management services.  You can’t hire me to “do your SEO” or “run your Google AdWords account”.  My offering stops at the strategic level.  I can help you manage the relationship with your SEO or PPC vendor, or I can train and manage your in-house production team.  However, I do not offer actual implementation services.

I have a rather lengthy non-compete agreement to this extent, so I want to be clear about this before we speak!  If you need a full-service agency for SEO or PPC management, I can certainly steer you in the right direction!  I know many owners and key employees at many of the top internet marketing agencies personally.


My Rates & Availability

I’m not cheap!  Having founded and led a top internet marketing agency for over 10 years, I’m quite confident in my ability to produce for my clients.  I also have a number of non-consulting projects through my holding company, Net Focus Media, that take up the majority of my time.  As such, I generally only do strategic consulting work for two or three clients at a time.

Rates for retainer services start at $3,000/mo and the hourly rate generally works out to around $175-200/hr.  Rates for project-based services start around $250/hr and availability is limited based on my schedule at the time.

Having been on the leading edge of the internet marketing world for the past 10 years, I have a ton of connections and can handle most challenges very quickly based on my prior experiences.  When I can’t, I have a great network that I can leverage, and typically in 15 minutes typing an email or making a phone I can find the right answer or solution.  I’m confident that my value justifies my fees many-fold.

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