About Jon Payne

Hi and thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Jon Payne, and I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur who specializes in online/digital marketing.  This includes both inbound marketing for lead generation as well as e-commerce marketing.  Want to learn more?  Read my background and bio…

The majority of my career has been spent focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). I started an SEO agency in my early 20’s and then sold it in 2013. Since then I’ve begun to focus more on e-commerce marketing and specifically within Amazon’s third-party Seller platform (Seller Central).

My Companies

I currently own and run two companies. The first is Net Focus Media, which designs, builds and manages consumer product brands. The second is Vocational Media Group, which is an umbrella company that I use for both consulting services that my team and I provide, as well as several informational sites that we own and operate.

Product Brands (Net Focus Media)

The first product brand that Net Focus Media launched was (is) Comfy Clothiers, a line of functional clothing accessories that help you look sharp and feel great.  Products include collar extenders, waist extenders, shirt stays, shoe horns, sweater combs, lint rollers and more.

Our second brand to launch was Modern Industrial, which is actually a B2B brand focusing on the janitorial cleaning supplies space. We’re currently rolling out new products, with our first few being urinal screens and urinal mats.

Brite Crown is our third brand, a line of top-quality art supplies designed to help young artists express their creativity and unique style. The line focuses on fine arts and includes sketch pads, drawing pencils and pens, watercolor supplies.

Content Brands (Vocational Media Group)

The Career Project helps young professionals and those seeking a change to figure out what type of career matches their interests and skill sets. We then help them go about getting the necessary training and building the requisite credentials needed to secure a job in that field.  We believe that personality testing is a great tool to help match you to prospective careers based on your personality and interests. We’ve also assembled hundreds of career guides to help you learn about different careers, as well as thousands of individual job profiles which are interviews with real-world professionals sharing their experience in their current position.

Wardrobe Hackers helps you look your best whether at work or at play… without busting your budget! This is our newest site launched in the summer of 2019. We create original content  (written and video) to help you “hack” your way to a better wardrobe so you can put your best foot forward!

Agency/Consulting Services

I do very, very little of this nowadays as my time is pretty limited. That said, I love to at least offer advice or guidance where I can, and often can steer you towards the right partner to help your company achieve its digital marketing goals. Click one of the links below for more information:

Ready to talk?  Contact me through my consulting firm.

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