Hi and thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Jon Payne, and I’m a small business (serial) entrepreneur who specializes in online/digital marketing to include inbound marketing for lead generation as well as e-commerce marketing.  Want to learn more?  Read my background and bio…

The majority of my career has been spent focusing on SEO (search engine optimization), though over the past few years I’ve begun to focus more specifically on marketing within Amazon.

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My Projects:

My primary focus is running my Amazon consulting agency, Net Focus Media.  We specialize in optimizing rankings and sales revenue on Amazon for brands and manufacturers.

We also have a few other in-house projects at Net Focus Media, outlined below:

Market Street Supply is manufacturer that develops various product brands and sells them online through various channels.

Our first brand is/was Comfy Clothiers, a line of collar extenders and pants extenders that enable you to feel comfortable while also looking sharp.  We’ve also recently expanded this line to include a range of products that help draw a bridge between “looking sharp” and “feeling comfortable”.  These include shirt stays, long handle shoe horns and more.

ModernIndustrial.com is an B2B e-commerce store that sells a range of commercial and industrial MRO products such as tools, material handling supplies, cleaning/janitorial supplies, plumbing and HVAC supplies and more.  We’re currently rolling out many new products, with our first few being urinal screens and urinal mats.

Capsa Sleep is our new brand of memory foam mattress toppers.  Stay tuned for more on this product line.

TheCareerProject.org helps young professionals and those seeking a change to figure out what type of career matches their interests and skill sets, and then how to go about getting the necessary training and building the requisite credentials needed to secure a job in that field.  We believe that personality testing is a great tool to help match you to prospective careers based on your personality and interests. Let’s say you are interested in INTJ careers or ENFJ careers.  We’ve got posts about each – the key characteristics of those personalities, and what types of careers they best match up with.



Consulting Services:

I can help with topic-specific consulting/advisory on the below topics.  Click one of the links below for more information:

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Consulting Rates & Availability

I’m not cheap!  Having founded and led a top internet marketing agency for over 10 years, I’m quite confident in my ability to produce for my clients.  I also have a number of non-consulting projects through my holding company, Net Focus Media, that take up the majority of my time.  As such, I generally only do strategic consulting work for two or three clients at a time.

For SEO and Marketing Consulting… rates for retainer services start at $3,000/mo for a block of roughly 25-30 hours.  I lead the strategy for these retainer marketing accounts and have a small team (in my office, not virtual) that helps implement the action items.  We don’t do project-based work as I’m not able to effectively schedule anything that is not consistent.

For Amazon Consulting we charge a bit differently, typically with a smaller retainer plus a small commission on the increase in sales we’re able to generate for your business.  Visit our Net Focus Media site for details.

Having been on the leading edge of the internet marketing world for the past 15 years, I have a ton of connections and can handle most challenges very quickly based on my prior experiences.  When I can’t, I have a great network that I can leverage, and typically in 10 minutes typing an email or making a phone I can find the right answer or solution.  I’m confident that the value justifies the fees many times over.

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