The Power of Content

If you read a few of my articles, entries or forums posts you’ll quickly learn a few things about me and my general take on SEO.

I’m not a links junkie. In fact, I despise link building campaigns. Particularly reciprocal link building campaigns. That topic though is probably better discussed in it’s own blog entry.

Today I wish to *briefly* discuss the power of content. Today’s motivation comes from looking at the website traffic stats for a couple of clients. One is actually a website maintenance client of mine who I recommended a website re-design for. The site had sort of been managed by a number of different people for the better part of six years, and so things were a bit unorganized. There were also some roadblocks to high search engine rankings– such as:

  • pages redirecting to pages that redirected to other pages
  • broken links
  • the same generic title tag for each page

Anyhow so in re-desiging the site I made sure to correct these issues. The site had a ton of really great content, it was just very difficult for a user to find it all – and was even more difficult for a spider to find it!

Overall its a very modest-sized site, but over the past couple of days search engine referrals appear to have at least doubled their normal rate, and possibly increased even a bit more than that.

With all the talk we hear about linking campaigns and reverse engineering search engine algorithms so as to determine the perfect mix of each on page and off page element, we sometimes forget that at the very core of everything is the question “What is this website about?” By having great content you can quickly and easily mix in a few nice title tags and a couple of links and get yourself some decent rankings for some more targeted keyword search phrases. I think many webmasters would indeed be better served by spending a bit more of their time generating great original content, even at the expense of a few inbound links…

New MSN Search (beta)

MSN announced its new MSN search beta version today. It can be found at At first glance I really like it – I think the algorithm is pretty darn good, plus in a selfish way my sites seem to be doing pretty well in it.

MSN Search - Beta

MSN Search Beta Set to Launch – Article on eWeek’s Website

Its still very early, and I’ve only done about a couple of dozen searches in it, but it seems to do a decent job of weeding out national directories for regional searches. This is one area where Google really has some difficulties, as since Google relies so heavily on linking its very difficult for most local sites to compete with national directories.

Let’s say you search for “bankruptcy lawyer in California”. Chances are you are looking for sites of bankruptcy lawyers who are located in California. In Google you’ll likely get 50% or more of the top 20 results as directory sites, sites that are optimized to rank well and have lots of inbound links, and maybe some listings, but in general aren’t of the same quality and nature as a site of someone who is indeed a bankruptcy lawyer in California. Chances are for the small guys though that their sites are much less likely to be well optimized, or even moderately well optimized (even just on-page, much less off-page) and so often a reasonably well optimized (on-page) directory with a large number of links is favored in Google. MSN’s new beta search seems to give more weight to on-page factors, and (hopefully) quality linking and much less to quantity linking.

While relying heavily on linking (PR and all the other fun measurements thereof) got Google to its spot as the premier search engine, I think its a liability for local searches. I think they should look into reducing even moreso the quantity factor with relation to inbound links on searches that are clearly local in nature. Perhaps they could also identify if a site is merely trying to optimize for EVERY possibly region, as most of your (collective “you”) directory sites are optimized with thousands of pages focusing on very specific regional search terms. If I’m optimizing for “bankruptcy lawyer” in every major city in the U.S., I should think (again, hope…) that that site is not ranked as highly as a site targeting just the “bankruptcy lawyer” phrase with respect to one major city. Perhaps this is already the case… If so things can always be tweaked for improvement.

Anyhow, again let me provide my very early opinion in that while I’ll always be a strong Google supporter and follower, I do also really like what I see so far out of the new MSN search, beta version.