Google Page Creator

Interesting story about Google’s new WYSIWYG web page creator that I expect will be duplicated and commented on many times over the next couple of days. Indeed I appear to be doing just that. No real time to comment much, but I did want to share. Apparently they are full today and aren’t accepting new … Read more

Small Business Profits

Not really a web-related article here – but something I found interesting nonetheless. In general I’m typically not a fan of this author’s articles. She rights on personal and small business related financing, and frankly she writes some things that make me think she doesn’t have a great grasp on it herself – but I’m … Read more

HitsLink – Prevent Duplicate Leads & Conversions From Being Reported

(Intro) I’m a big fan of HitsLink – a third-party hosted client-side web stats service. Its similar to WebTrends, ClickTracks, Urchin, and all the others – although generally I’d classify it as a more basic offering. For many sites that makes it preferred – as its very quick to setup, is fairly flexible, and gives … Read more

Postaroo – New Online Classifieds Site

For the past week or two I’ve been seeing TV ads for Postaroo – a site offering free online classified ads. I assumed it was similar to Craigslist. Upon review – it is similar to Craigslist… sort of. Its an open format with no real verification or review process other than having you submit an … Read more

Classic Debate – Splash Homepage vs. SEO/Content Homepage

This site addresses the debate many website owners (typically those with an offline business who are venturing online) have about their desire to have a pretty image-based splash homepage versus what their SEO company tells them about them needing to have content and link-based navigation on the homepage with a clear answer. BOTH! To me … Read more

Content Hosting and Over-Optimization

I suppose if you look hard enough you’ll find a lot of this – but this one made me smile. I was on more of a personal site of a reasonably well known SEO (I will not mention his name out of respect, he’s a pretty cool guy) and found this: (click to enlarge) Yes, … Read more

Indexing New Pages on Existing Domains – Google, Yahoo, MSN

I thought I had written a post about 6 or 7 months back about the speed of indexing a newly-designed site with new page URLs on an existing domain – comparing the speed at which new pages were added to the visible index in Google, Yahoo and MSN. I just spent ten minutes looking for … Read more

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Super Bowl & Internet Traffic

I just noticed an interesting article on MSNBC about Super Bowl TV Ads (selling this year for $2.5 million for a 30 second spot) and how they relate to traffic spikes on the websites of some advertisers. The article mentions that “microsites” are now becoming a key component of these commercials – enabling advertisers to … Read more

AdWords Now Considering Landing Pages Too

This is huge. Apparently Google is now taking the “quality” of one’s landing page into account for positioning of AdWords ads. I’m not sure how or why Google is qualified to form an opinion about the quality of the landing page for an ad for which one pays for exposure, but I suppose this … Read more

Software Scam –

I just heard about a too good to be true type of software offer. MS Office full version for $60, when it regularly sells for like $400-500. Apparently the justification was that it was downloaded only, and you did not get the packaging and CD backup, thus saving the cost. I would guess that packaging … Read more

A Few Words About CSS and Indexing Pages

From an email I just sent out… Getting pages indexed is not usually a big problem. Typically if you have issues w/ it its due to either complicated URLs with way too many parameters (common on e-com sites) or lack of good basic text-link navigation and/or site map. A hugely unpopular site might also have … Read more

Interesting CafePress Project

Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide is doing a bit of a project where she is taking 30 days, no startup money and seeing if she can create a modestly profitable business. Admittedly, with no startup capital “profitable” is really any income, but nonetheless her articles are quite interesting. She really hits the spectrum of … Read more

Tips for Online Press Releases

I’m by no means experienced in syndicating online press releases, but I do know and understand the value of the topic. I’ve picked up a number of tips through a little bit of modest experience, as well as tips I’ve heard and read from others. Today I was asked by a client: What is the … Read more