Hi and thanks for checking out my website.  My name is Jon Payne, and I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur who specializes in online/digital marketing.  This includes both inbound marketing for lead generation as well as e-commerce marketing.  Want to learn more?  Read my background and bio…

The majority of my career has been spent focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). I started an SEO agency in my early 20’s and then sold it in 2013. Since then I’ve begun to focus more on e-commerce marketing and specifically utilizing Amazon FBA via their third-party Seller Central platform.

For me, the common thread between Google SEO and Amazon FBA is that both are driven by search. The users are in charge of the experience and are actively looking for products to buy, or information or services to consume.  Inbound search just always felt like more desirable way to promote my products, services or my clients than outbound “interruption” marketing.

My Companies

I currently own and manage Vocational Media Group, which is an umbrella company that I use for SEO agency services and Amazon FBA management services that my team and I provide, as well as several websites that we own and operate.

In early 2023, I started my second e-commerce company focused on the Amazon FBA channel, Illuminated Goods.  We currently have two brands and are in the market to acquire a few additional small brands that we can grow aggressively.  If you run a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand and are interested in selling it then please fill out my form: sell your Amazon FBA business to us.

I also recently (in 2022) sold an e-commerce company.  It included three different brands all housed under the umbrella company Net Focus Media.  This was my primary business focus from about 2015 until 2022.

Prior to getting into the Amazon game, I also built and then sold my first SEO agency in from 2003 to 2013.

Content Brands

Test Your Language helps you evaluate your foreign language skills with an array of vocabulary quizzes and language placement tests.

The Career Project helps young professionals and those seeking a change to figure out what type of career matches their interests and skill sets. We’ve also assembled hundreds of career guides to help you learn about different careers, as well as thousands of individual job profiles which are interviews with real-world professionals sharing their experience in their current position.

Wardrobe Hackers helps you look your best whether at work or at play… without busting your budget!  We create original content  (written and video) to help you “hack” your way to a better wardrobe so you can put your best foot forward!

Agency/Consulting Services

As of early 2024, I have now started taking on consulting clients again.  I have a small team in place and we’re taking on a few clients who are looking for a full-service, hands-on agency to help with with Google SEO for their website, or Amazon FBA management services.  Click one of the links below for more information:

Ready to talk?  Contact me through my consulting firm.

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