My First TV Appearance

So I just had my first appearance on TV – on Business Connection on Maryland Public Television (MPT/PBS). I’ve been filmed many times before, but typically just in producing historical copies (I film each lecture I give to try and evaluate myself – although rarely do I actually do the evaluation, but that’s another topic…). … Read more

Clint Dixon’s Article – Google Revamps SERPs…

I just read an article on SEO Chat by Clint Dixon, entitled Google Revamps SERPs, for Money? Its well worth your time – at least a 10 minute skim. Apparently Google is now experimenting with what they claim is a user experience enhancement. Mr. Dixon believes its more commercially-motivated. Me – well I’m not real … Read more

CNN Article About Google / SEO

An interesting article I found linked off of CNN’s homepage: “Keeping enemies close at the Google Dance It written in a very basic/general style, for someone who has essentially never even heard of SEO. In fact, they use the term “webmasters” and “search engine consultants” where one might substitute them for a term such as … Read more

Copyscape and Content Stealing

I’ve seen the “protected by Copyscape” images before, but never bothered to check it out. I always assumed it was some code-related method to prevent people from being able to copy and paste or something of that nature. You know what happens when we assume 🙂 – per Willie Crawford’s blog Anyhow, their site … Read more

META Tags… Seriously

If you’ve followed the search engines for any reasonable period of time you’ve likely seen a number of very old articles about META tags. Perhaps even more likely, you’ve probably seen dozens more articles since roughly 1997 or so proclaiming that META tags are dead, useless, etc. Honestly, I don’t know exactly how big a … Read more

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What I KNOW about SEO

Many SEO specialists will tell you that SEO is part science, part art. I’ll skew even more to the art side of things, but perhaps I’ll classify it and maybe call it “practical art” or something like that. In the quest to gain high rankings and relevant traffic, some spend many hours conducting research, collecting … Read more

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Quick Comment About the ClickZ Sale

First off, my apologies for no posts in the past week and a half or so. I was on vacation and am just now catching up and figuring out what’s been going since I left. 🙂 Second, it appears as though JupiterMedia has sold ClickZ and SearchEngineWatch (which produces the Search Engine Strategies conferences and … Read more

MSN Showing Less Organic Listings

Until recently I’ve not followed MSN Search very closely. For that matter, I take the general philosophy that one should spend the bulk of their time focusing on their own site, rather than the engines… but that’s another post. Anyhow, I was doing a product search and noticed something quite interesting. I then went to … Read more

Google Not Recognizing Capital Letters in File Names?

I just noticed a little something in Google related to file names that I don’t believe I’ve seen mentioned much (read: at all). It appears that while there is much in the way of advice and recommendations about including your targeted keywords in the file name of a page file, Google does not seem to … Read more

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Great Article – Hiring is Obsolete

Paul Graham wrote a great article I came across several weeks back that discusses hiring, particularly hiring recent college grads and “entry-level” employees. This was of a great bit of interest to me, since I’m only a couple years removed from college myself. Within a few months of graduation I realized that there simply … Read more

Msnbetter Thangoogle Polish SEO Contest

Apparently another SEO contest has sprung up. It seems to be within the Polish community, and this time the search phrase is “msnbetter thangoogle”. I would argue that statement in many cases (though not all), but oh well… Some people have got alot of time on their hands, to be creating sites for imaginery search … Read more

Bob Parsons’ Latest Post

Bob Parsons is the owner of Go Daddy – a very large, successful, and my absolute favorite domain name registrar. They are cheap, they have great management tools, they aren’t a pain in the butt to work with, and they even have people who will answer the phone. With domain registrars, it simply doesn’t get … Read more

Traffic + Conversion = Success

An “SEO” focuses about getting more qualified traffic to a website. A “Conversion Specialist” focuses on doing a better job in producing results with the traffic a site already gets. A successful internet marketer realizes the best case scenario is to address both issues, although most (including myself) will generally advise starting with the scales … Read more

SEO is Funny

I was just looking through my referral stats, and I noticed someone came to my site via a Yahoo search for get people to give me money. Needless to say, I had a brief chuckle as I thought about what that individual was hoping to find by searching on that. Apparently the entry I have … Read more

Update on the Trusted Sites SPAMMING Post

Ken posted an update here – about the story I cited from him a couple of days ago. Apparently it was some sort of “accident”. Sure. If it were legitimately supposed to be there wouldn’t it at least match the positioning of the other visible links? I dunno. Anyhow I guess the hard part … Read more