Baltimore SEO Meetup # 4

Okay so its been two months since I’ve last posted and even then it was not very frequent. I think I’ve come to the realization that I just won’t be able to give much time to maintaining this blog. As such, it will remain a home for my random commentary about SEO, entrepreneurship and pretty much whatever else comes to mind.

Today I’m going to use it to give a quick plug to the SEO Meetup Group I have been “organizing”. We’re having our 4th event on November 29th (a Thursday) in Canton.

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It should be a good time. I made the tricky decision a few days ago to “re-focus” the group and we trimmed our membership from over 80 members to just over 50. I believe we have a better core group though now, as about half of the people on the previous list weren’t really heavily involved in SEO. The intention of the group is to be a way for professionals to share ideas with peers. Its not intended to be an SEO 101 course for someone who just started building their first website last week. Don’t get me wrong – if you are in that boat I wish you well – but you’d do much better to spend a couple of hours reading and digesting SEOmoz’s beginner’s guide to SEO than you would attending a meeting intended for those who have been actively in the field for a little while.