Blog Themes and Widgets

Customizing a blog is so much easier today than it was just 1-2 years ago.  It was a headache back then.  The separation of content and design (CSS movement) has played a big part in this.   So has the ability to customize and use custom domains on third-party hosted services like Blogger and, as well as the use of “widgets” which enable you to add code elements and other components without directly editing the source files.  Man if I had that ability just a few years ago!!!

As of today I am re-purposing  It will now be more of a general site just about… well… myself.  Arrogance aside, I’m doing this b/c I simply don’t have the time to maintain this blog, and honestly its not been very coherent in general.  I’ll still post occasionally to this blog, but my new blog on lead generation will be my “main blog”.  This will be more of a profile site about yours truly, with the occasional post about whatever.

PS – I found my snazzy new WordPress theme thanks to this guy’s blog.