My Story of Growing & Selling An SEO Agency

In 2003 I started an internet marketing consulting firm called Ephricon Web Marketing.  At first it was a one-man-show and I offered a wide range of services from website design to email marketing to search engine optimization.  The latter of which was just starting to come onto the horizon with Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Alta Vista, … Read more

Small Business Profits

Not really a web-related article here – but something I found interesting nonetheless. In general I’m typically not a fan of this author’s articles. She rights on personal and small business related financing, and frankly she writes some things that make me think she doesn’t have a great grasp on it herself – but I’m … Read more

Interesting CafePress Project

Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide is doing a bit of a project where she is taking 30 days, no startup money and seeing if she can create a modestly profitable business. Admittedly, with no startup capital “profitable” is really any income, but nonetheless her articles are quite interesting. She really hits the spectrum of … Read more