Quick, Easy CD/DVD Burning

I’m not a CD or DVD burning power user by any means.  Basically I just occassionally burn a music CD and try to regularly backup important files, etc.  Not a power user. Anyhow, I wanted to make a bit of a recommendation for BurnQuick, an application that is very lightweight, easy to use and cheap … Read more

Marketing ROI & Digital Dashboards

Paul Ward has a great post about digital dashboards and various marketing metrics. He discusses how a corporate CEO is not necessarily the best person to keep tabs on some of these metrics, as in many cases they do not necessarily understand them – nor do they care about them as much as other metrics … Read more

New Time Management Idea

Time management, and moreso project/time organization, is always a challenge for me.  I want to make sure I get “everything” done and don’t let anything slip through the cracks. As far as I see, there are two ways to approach the scheduling of my time as related to “client work”.  For my purpose, “client work” … Read more

Major Google SERPs Subdomain Issue

So I just did a search for maryland seo and noticed that everything from listing #6 through page 50 is all the same site – subdomain pages for freelancedesigners.com.  Example URLs: ellicott-city_md.marketing.freelancedesigners.com/ columbia_md.marketing.freelancedesigners.com/ clarksburg_md.marketing.freelancedesigners.com/ elkton_md.marketing.freelancedesigners.com/ . You get the idea.  Imagine that X 500.  In fact, it may go well beyond page 50 – I … Read more

MySpace Now Most Popular Site on Internet

Wow again.  An article on ClickZ entitled MySpace Rules the Web states that MySpace is now the most popular site on the internet, surpassing Yahoo Mail, Yahoo, Google, eBay, etc. Crazy growth for MySpace, which was sold a while back to NewsCorp/Fox.

GREAT Web Hosting Company

Need a fantastic Windows hosting company?  There is one firm I’ve used for several years and I pretty much insist on for any SEM clients who I’ll be working on for a long period of time.  Who is this legendary company?  Millennium Systems.  Yes, they’ve even made it to my firm’s oh-so-prestigous partners page. Doing … Read more

Random “SEO” Snakeoil Solicitation Emails

Happy 4th of July!  I’m only in the office for the morning mostly to do some work for my class… wanted to share this though. These are crazy.  I get like 2-3 each day, usually never respond.  Today I did: —–Original Message—– From: Shane Tedford [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxx] Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 7:29 AM To: xxxxxxxxxxx … Read more

MySpace Search Using Overture?

So I’m either way late or way early or just flat out missing something, but I just was on MySpace and I tried a search without specifying a site-search (i.e. full web search).  I was looking for the page for The Shins, which I could probably guess the URL for in about 10 seconds but … Read more

Yahoo’s New Layout

Apparently today there is much to do about Yahoo’s new layout, available at http://www.yahoo.com/preview or depending on your luck maybe at the http://www.yahoo.com home page. I first made note of this pending new layout back in February, when it appeared as though they were testing it. I believe they placed a cookie or something on … Read more

Google Trends – FUN!

Per Matt Cutts. Wow this is fun!!! I highly suggest you give it a try right now. I knew there were lots of paid tools like this, but a free one by Google is good times. Reminds of Yahoo’s Buzz Index but way cooler – comparisons between terms, regions, etc. Good times. Update:  Comparison of … Read more

Maryland Web Directories

Seems like most every internet marketer either has or is heavily involved with one or more directories. There are often a myriad of reasons – but one reason that I’d like to focus on is sheer quality. Typically sites of little or no value and weak business models don’t account or budget for professional marketing … Read more

MSN HomePage ReDesign

A while back I wrote about MSN’s new look, but now it seems as though they’re at it again.  Today I noticed a new homepage design for MSN that now allows you to pick from 5 color templates. The Good: – Overall I think its a cleaner layout, better organization of information. The Bad: – … Read more

Microsoft FrontPage to Be Replaced

I just read on FrontPage Webmaster that Microsoft is pulling the plug on FrontPage.  They are replacing it with a number of different products, most notably (IMO) the soon-coming Microsoft Expression Web Designer.  The word is second half of 2006.  If its before Christmas I’d consider that early. Supposively its big with standards and CSS.  … Read more

Don’t Link to Our Website

http://www.dontlink.com/ – This is hilarious!  Man oh man, I have no words! I especially like this: Sylvania requires linking sites to submit this Link Form. General Electric permits text links to its home page, but requires written approval for all other links to its site. God forbid someone is directed right to the content they … Read more