FCC Bill & Blocking Website Access

According to a Washington Post article, there is apparently a bill in Congress that seeks to limit the ability of the FCC to stop ISPs from blocking or slowing access to certain websites. Read that again.  I had to.  A number of firms such as Microsoft, IAC, Google, Yahoo and e-Bay (again, all according to … Read more

Teleflora – Site Design

So I just sent flowers online via Teleflora, and I just wanted to comment on what a great site design and layout they have. I had seen their logo in several florists before but didn’t know much about them – I’d always just thought 1800Flowers.com for that type of thing, or the local florist for … Read more

Funny Fake Link Directory

Got this in the SEOConsultants.com newsletter that is targeted for Monday morning. I’ve yet to go to sleep so I might well have been one of the first to see this 🙂 These are pretty funny. Read a few sentences and you’ll see the clever ways they poke fun at spam reciprocal link requests and … Read more

Yahoo’s New Look

Yahoo is testing a new homepage layout. Personally I don’t like it as much from an aesthetic standpoint – feel like its lost some color… But I do think it does a better job of displaying their news content. Makes me further associate them as a media portal and less as a search engine. Notice … Read more

Google Page Creator

Interesting story about Google’s new WYSIWYG web page creator that I expect will be duplicated and commented on many times over the next couple of days. Indeed I appear to be doing just that. No real time to comment much, but I did want to share. Apparently they are full today and aren’t accepting new … Read more

HitsLink – Prevent Duplicate Leads & Conversions From Being Reported

(Intro) I’m a big fan of HitsLink – a third-party hosted client-side web stats service. Its similar to WebTrends, ClickTracks, Urchin, and all the others – although generally I’d classify it as a more basic offering. For many sites that makes it preferred – as its very quick to setup, is fairly flexible, and gives … Read more

Postaroo – New Online Classifieds Site

For the past week or two I’ve been seeing TV ads for Postaroo – a site offering free online classified ads. I assumed it was similar to Craigslist. Upon review – it is similar to Craigslist… sort of. Its an open format with no real verification or review process other than having you submit an … Read more

Classic Debate – Splash Homepage vs. SEO/Content Homepage

This site addresses the debate many website owners (typically those with an offline business who are venturing online) have about their desire to have a pretty image-based splash homepage versus what their SEO company tells them about them needing to have content and link-based navigation on the homepage with a clear answer. BOTH! To me … Read more

Content Hosting and Over-Optimization

I suppose if you look hard enough you’ll find a lot of this – but this one made me smile. I was on more of a personal site of a reasonably well known SEO (I will not mention his name out of respect, he’s a pretty cool guy) and found this: (click to enlarge) Yes, … Read more

Super Bowl & Internet Traffic

I just noticed an interesting article on MSNBC about Super Bowl TV Ads (selling this year for $2.5 million for a 30 second spot) and how they relate to traffic spikes on the websites of some advertisers. The article mentions that “microsites” are now becoming a key component of these commercials – enabling advertisers to … Read more