Bob Parsons’ Latest Post

Bob Parsons is the owner of Go Daddy – a very large, successful, and my absolute favorite domain name registrar. They are cheap, they have great management tools, they aren’t a pain in the butt to work with, and they even have people who will answer the phone. With domain registrars, it simply doesn’t get … Read more

Traffic + Conversion = Success

An “SEO” focuses about getting more qualified traffic to a website. A “Conversion Specialist” focuses on doing a better job in producing results with the traffic a site already gets. A successful internet marketer realizes the best case scenario is to address both issues, although most (including myself) will generally advise starting with the scales … Read more

SEO is Funny

I was just looking through my referral stats, and I noticed someone came to my site via a Yahoo search for get people to give me money. Needless to say, I had a brief chuckle as I thought about what that individual was hoping to find by searching on that. Apparently the entry I have … Read more

Update on the Trusted Sites SPAMMING Post

Ken posted an update here – about the story I cited from him a couple of days ago. Apparently it was some sort of “accident”. Sure. If it were legitimately supposed to be there wouldn’t it at least match the positioning of the other visible links? I dunno. Anyhow I guess the hard part … Read more

Google Sitemaps Feature, SEO vs. Making Sites Better

Warning: The following is an incredibly incoherent rambling-type post. This is one of those where I’m writing for the sake of writing. Apologies in advance! Recently there’s much ado about Google’s new sitemaps feature. If I understand it correctly its basically a means of submitting a list of your URLs to Google along with some … Read more

Seth says “Small is the New Big”

I much enjoy reading Seth Godin’s books and even moreso his blog. His most recent post is perhaps the one I agree with most – Small is the New Big. Seth describes how a while back being a large firm often lead to a number of advantages – manufacturing economies of scale, ability to purchase … Read more

Make it Easy for People to Give you Money

I tell my wife at least once a week that in my short but very educational experience as a small business owner one of the most important things I’ve learned is this: Make it easy for people to give you money. You’ve done all the hard work. Set up the business. Advertised. Made the sale. … Read more

SES Toronto 2005

I thought I had started a post on this and saved it to complete later… but apparently not. Anyhow, last week I was in Toronto for the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo – my first. Some observations: 1) Toronto is larger than I thought. I was reading something like 5 times the size of … Read more

Google Downtime

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed some downtime for Google lately? Lately I’ve had searches time out on me and gotten a page cannot be displayed error even on Google’s homepage a few times. Today for a little while too my toolbar wasn’t showing PR for any sites, those that I know … Read more

Dynamic Google Link Map

This is really cool – check it out. Dynamic, fluid linking map… A friend sent the link to me – thought I’d share.

The Power of One Relevant Inbound Link

Try Googling up “nutrtition” – a mispelling of the word “nutrition”. The number one organic ranking, at last at the moment I’m writing this is a company I’ve worked with that provides a nutrition bar for pregnant and nursing women. We didn’t mispell the word on the site at all, but a quick view of … Read more

Free GMAIL Invites

I’ve had my account for a little while now, but really have barely used it as I’ve been a pretty busy guy… Anyhow, free Gmail invites to the first 10 people to email me and make a decent case (i.e. you are a human and not a spammer) will be awarded the invites. (Now closed)

WebTrends Metrics Seminar in DC, Metrics and SEO

In about a week and a half I’ll be attending the DC-version of half day seminar put on by WebTrends entitled “Moving from Metrics to Results: Mastering the 7 Key Areas of Your Web Initiatives”. I expect it to be about half sales pitch and half actual, useful info. I’ll be sure to follow up … Read more

Blogs “Victim” of Google Link Penalties

My name is Jon Payne. My blog URL is The first two words in the Title tag on my homepage are… you guessed it – Jon Payne. Now, there are certainly other people out there with the same name as myself. Its not an overly-common name, but not the most rare either. I will, … Read more

SES Toronto, Here I Come!

I’m all set – I’ll be attending the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference & Expo in Toronto on May 4 & 5. It will be my first time actually attending the conference, which is a welcome change from just following it in the forums, blogs etc. I’ve never been to Toronto – or even Canada … Read more