My Story of Growing & Selling An SEO Agency

In 2003 I started an internet marketing consulting firm called Ephricon Web Marketing.  At first it was a one-man-show and I offered a wide range of services from website design to email marketing to search engine optimization.  The latter of which was just starting to come onto the horizon with Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Alta Vista, … Read more

Blog Themes and Widgets

Customizing a blog is so much easier today than it was just 1-2 years ago.  It was a headache back then.  The separation of content and design (CSS movement) has played a big part in this.   So has the ability to customize and use custom domains on third-party hosted services like Blogger and, as … Read more

Oh yeah, another blog (Lead-Gen SEO)

Just created one on Lead Generation & SEO as a way to test out Blogger, and it seems as though I’m taking an interest to it. I don’t have time to manage one blog, much less two… but I’ll figure this out as we go along. This site may turn into more of a professional … Read more

Our Comcast Nightmare – Comcast SUCKS!

Executive Summary: Six months after we moved out of our old office and “transferred” our Comcast internet service to our new office, we were still receiving invoices for the old office… plus those for the new office. Finally they’ve stopped sending those invoices, though we’re still waiting on the refund we were promised. To make things worse, we just got an invoice for Cable TV at the old office. That’s right, we’ve been gone from there for 6 months but somehow we decided to order Cable TV for that office? Unbelieveable.

Detailed Timeline:

Timeline of Comcast’s Ineptitude:

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Blog Comment Moderation

Well I’ve got a few nice anti-spam plug-ins and other features in place now and thus I’m re-opening comments on this blog for the first time in well over 6 months. ** crosses fingers ** One of the methods required that I register with and get yet another blog. Well, I did. It will … Read more

Blogs, Reach, Authoring

I just stumbled upon this post by Sadish of – In the post, Sadish references a poem while discussing his thoughts about blogging, lack of interest/response, etc. THE ARROW AND THE SONG Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For, so swiftly … Read more

Pardon the Dust, I’m Re-Doing the Site

Just a quick note to apologize for any issues over the next week or two, as I’ve upgraded my WordPress and am sort of redoing the site. As such, it may have CSS issues and whatnot. My time working on this site is very limited, so I’ll do the best I can with a few … Read more

A Name Change…

I just changed the official title/name of this blog. Formerly the Jon Payne (.net) Search Marketing Blog, its now the Jon Payne (.net) Web Marketing Blog. Notice “Search” was replaced by “Web”. A very small change, but important nonetheless. Why the change? With each day that goes by I am more and more convinced that … Read more

My First TV Appearance

So I just had my first appearance on TV – on Business Connection on Maryland Public Television (MPT/PBS). I’ve been filmed many times before, but typically just in producing historical copies (I film each lecture I give to try and evaluate myself – although rarely do I actually do the evaluation, but that’s another topic…). … Read more