Baltimore SEO Meetup – September 2007

Just scheduled it – here are the details: Other than that, I’ve been SWAMPED lately so no new posts. Honestly moving forward I will likely use this blog periodically rather than regularly. I need to stop spreading myself so thin!

Our Comcast Nightmare – Comcast SUCKS!

Executive Summary: Six months after we moved out of our old office and “transferred” our Comcast internet service to our new office, we were still receiving invoices for the old office… plus those for the new office. Finally they’ve stopped sending those invoices, though we’re still waiting on the refund we were promised. To make things worse, we just got an invoice for Cable TV at the old office. That’s right, we’ve been gone from there for 6 months but somehow we decided to order Cable TV for that office? Unbelieveable.

Detailed Timeline:

Timeline of Comcast’s Ineptitude:

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Yahoo’s New Layout

Apparently today there is much to do about Yahoo’s new layout, available at or depending on your luck maybe at the home page. I first made note of this pending new layout back in February, when it appeared as though they were testing it. I believe they placed a cookie or something on … Read more

Google Trends – FUN!

Per Matt Cutts. Wow this is fun!!! I highly suggest you give it a try right now. I knew there were lots of paid tools like this, but a free one by Google is good times. Reminds of Yahoo’s Buzz Index but way cooler – comparisons between terms, regions, etc. Good times. Update:  Comparison of … Read more

Maryland Web Directories

Seems like most every internet marketer either has or is heavily involved with one or more directories. There are often a myriad of reasons – but one reason that I’d like to focus on is sheer quality. Typically sites of little or no value and weak business models don’t account or budget for professional marketing … Read more

Microsoft FrontPage to Be Replaced

I just read on FrontPage Webmaster that Microsoft is pulling the plug on FrontPage.  They are replacing it with a number of different products, most notably (IMO) the soon-coming Microsoft Expression Web Designer.  The word is second half of 2006.  If its before Christmas I’d consider that early. Supposively its big with standards and CSS.  … Read more

Don’t Link to Our Website – This is hilarious!  Man oh man, I have no words! I especially like this: Sylvania requires linking sites to submit this Link Form. General Electric permits text links to its home page, but requires written approval for all other links to its site. God forbid someone is directed right to the content they … Read more

Aaron Wall Interviews Matt Cutts

Aaron Wall of SEO Book (who BTW, happens to be a great guy and really cares about helping out others) recently interviewed Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google who is pretty well-known in the SEO community. In particular, I’d like to highlight one Q&A from the interview: Is all SEO spam? Absolutely not–I need to … Read more

Clint Dixon’s Article – Google Revamps SERPs…

I just read an article on SEO Chat by Clint Dixon, entitled Google Revamps SERPs, for Money? Its well worth your time – at least a 10 minute skim. Apparently Google is now experimenting with what they claim is a user experience enhancement. Mr. Dixon believes its more commercially-motivated. Me – well I’m not real … Read more

CNN Article About Google / SEO

An interesting article I found linked off of CNN’s homepage: “Keeping enemies close at the Google Dance It written in a very basic/general style, for someone who has essentially never even heard of SEO. In fact, they use the term “webmasters” and “search engine consultants” where one might substitute them for a term such as … Read more

Quick Comment About the ClickZ Sale

First off, my apologies for no posts in the past week and a half or so. I was on vacation and am just now catching up and figuring out what’s been going since I left. 🙂 Second, it appears as though JupiterMedia has sold ClickZ and SearchEngineWatch (which produces the Search Engine Strategies conferences and … Read more