MSN Showing Less Organic Listings

Until recently I’ve not followed MSN Search very closely. For that matter, I take the general philosophy that one should spend the bulk of their time focusing on their own site, rather than the engines… but that’s another post. Anyhow, I was doing a product search and noticed something quite interesting. I then went to … Read more

Great Article – Hiring is Obsolete

Paul Graham wrote a great article I came across several weeks back that discusses hiring, particularly hiring recent college grads and “entry-level” employees. This was of a great bit of interest to me, since I’m only a couple years removed from college myself. Within a few months of graduation I realized that there simply … Read more

Msnbetter Thangoogle Polish SEO Contest

Apparently another SEO contest has sprung up. It seems to be within the Polish community, and this time the search phrase is “msnbetter thangoogle”. I would argue that statement in many cases (though not all), but oh well… Some people have got alot of time on their hands, to be creating sites for imaginery search … Read more