The Power of Content

If you read a few of my articles, entries or forums posts you’ll quickly learn a few things about me and my general take on SEO. I’m not a links junkie. In fact, I despise link building campaigns. Particularly reciprocal link building campaigns. That topic though is probably better discussed in it’s own blog entry. … Read more

New MSN Search (beta)

MSN announced its new MSN search beta version today. It can be found at At first glance I really like it – I think the algorithm is pretty darn good, plus in a selfish way my sites seem to be doing pretty well in it. MSN Search Beta Set to Launch – Article on … Read more

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Search Engine Marketing Overview – Presentation

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak to an class of MBA students on the topic of search engines and leveraging search engines as a marketing tool. This invitation provided me with a bit of impetus to create a simple presentation (PowerPoint – keeping it simple here…) to help structure my talk. … Read more

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