Q&A – PPC Content Site Distribution on Google

As has been my theme lately, here is an inquiry of a client for whom we set up a basic PPC campaign for a short period. The client wanted us to help set it up and then they would manage it themselves. Here is a parting question of sorts:

1. I paused some of the lower performers today.
[Jon Payne] Excellent. This should improve your efficiency. PPC marketing is all about continually stopping whats not working and doing more of what is working.

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AdWords Now Considering Landing Pages Too

This is huge. http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/002946.html Apparently Google is now taking the “quality” of one’s landing page into account for positioning of AdWords ads. I’m not sure how or why Google is qualified to form an opinion about the quality of the landing page for an ad for which one pays for exposure, but I suppose this … Read more