Coolest Guy on the Planet Wannabe

As hard as it is for me to say this, I’m not the coolest guy on the planet. At least not yet. I want to be the coolest guy on the planet, but as of right now I’m not even in the game.

So who is the coolest guy on the planet? Well as of the moment I’m writing this I am less cool than:

  • Brad Fallon
  • Andy Jenkins
  • Brian Johnson

At least according to Google anyway. Brad Callen and Jeff Fowler also get honorable mention as other cool guys on this planet. But me? Very un-cool as of now.

Obviously there is some funny business going there, because if you knew me you’d insist that I, Jon Payne should be seen as the coolest guy on the planet. I guess Brad is just more *link* popular than the rest of us. Stinking *link* popularity contests. Just as in high school, I will refuse to participate in such coolness popularity contests…

Unless of course anyone wants to volunteer to help me be the coolest guy on the planet? 🙂

I guess I could always try and sell some flying purple camel saddles

– Jon Payne
(Barely one of the top 10 coolest guys on the planet)
Baltimore, MD

Update – This coolest guy on the planet shindig has really sorta taken off since I first posted this. I jumped on the bandwagon where there were fix or six others, and now there appear to be a few dozen! It started more as just a funny, quick on-page optimization thing, but now people are building inbound links with text like coolest guy on the planet in the anchors. I’d love to be one of the cooler guys in the world, but by no means is it that important that I’ll take away client time to build inbound links for something that has no real call or benefit… That said, lets see how updating this post helps the ranking for the phrase “coolest guy on the planet.”

We now have guys who went out and registered the domain names and The latter site is also paying for PPC traffic via AdWords. Why? This was about being clever, and now its gone to another level to see who’s willing to spend the most time and money and compete the hardest. Some of the higher ranking ones are now even trying to use this to sell SEO services and position themselves as “experts”. Perhaps the new deal should be for geekiest guy on the planet 🙂

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