DC / Baltimore SEO Meetup Group

Hi all – I just created a “meetup group” for those interested in SEO in the DC / Baltimore metro area. Check out the page via link below and sign up for updates if you are interested. We’ll give it a couple of weeks to judge the interest and then try to schedule something.

Click here to check out
The DC / Baltimore SEO Meetup Group!


Update – February 2009:
The Baltimore SEO Meetup Group has been tweaked a bit… we’re now making it a quarterly meetup for experienced Baltimore SEO professionals. By having it a little less often it makes it a little less of a time commitment on my end to arrange presentations, speakers, etc. I’m pretty swamped lately running my Baltimore SEO firm (which has a new Charlotte location) and so the time managing the group is a bit of a strain! That said, we’re very pleased with the response and love meeting all the other local SEO gurus in Baltimore and throughout Maryland!

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