Google Checkout

So I just tried to order a couple of Google T-Shirts through the Google Store.  Not surprisingly, the store uses Google Checkout.  To my surprise, however, it does not seem to want to work – at least not in the IE 6.0 browser I tried it in (which is what like 80% of the internet world uses, though 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me using FireFox, this was that 1 time out of 10).  Frustration.  Anyone else have issues with Google Checkout?

1 thought on “Google Checkout”

  1. This is strange.. that Google can’t facilitate the sale of their own products via checkout…

    Dont worry people are listening and I dont think you are the first to have problems.. Kirby had some issues too and they sent him in some goodies as compensention for his frustration !!

    Hang in there..

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