Google Not Recognizing Capital Letters in File Names?

I just noticed a little something in Google related to file names that I don’t believe I’ve seen mentioned much (read: at all). It appears that while there is much in the way of advice and recommendations about including your targeted keywords in the file name of a page file, Google does not seem to recognize the keywords under certain circumstances.

Example: I was doing a general product-related search. Let’s use “Mr Coffee Filters” as an example – a search for coffee filters that is also associating the brand Mr. Coffee. Now on the first page I didn’t find tons of examples, so below I have used an inurl search to illustrate my point:

>> Search for Mr. Coffee Filters

Mr. Coffee Search

Take a look. You’ll notice that while Google DOES recognize various formats of the term “Mr Coffee” in the TITLE tag and BODY text sample (as illustrated by bolding), it does not follow the same rules of formatting for the file name. In this one example, it seems apparent that only file names with all lower-case letters are getting recognized (or at least bolded). Take a look for yourself via the link above. The only URLs with bolded file names are the ones with all lower case letters for the keywords – i.e. mr coffee filters. The ones formatted as Mr. Coffee Filters or in all caps do not seem to be getting bolded.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a relatively small criteria, but still interesting nonetheless.