Google Page Creator

Interesting story about Google’s new WYSIWYG web page creator that I expect will be duplicated and commented on many times over the next couple of days. Indeed I appear to be doing just that. No real time to comment much, but I did want to share. Apparently they are full today and aren’t accepting new accounts.

Here’s the official page.

The FAQ says these pages can be crawled within hours, but won’t receive any special treatment with regard to ranking. The pages will be on URLs such as I have to wonder if that URL will inheritly (sp?) have a good bit of weight, thus boosting the pages rankings that way…

I just saw they also have a social bookmarking type service too. It appears as though if there’s a new cool idea on the internet than Goolge will either buy it or make their own version. Have we seen this before? (Cough, Cough… *Yahoo*)