GREAT Web Hosting Company

Need a fantastic Windows hosting company?  There is one firm I’ve used for several years and I pretty much insist on for any SEM clients who I’ll be working on for a long period of time.  Who is this legendary company?  Millennium Systems.  Yes, they’ve even made it to my firm’s oh-so-prestigous partners page.

Doing what I do, I’ve dealt with alot of online service providers:

– hosting companies

– domain registrars

– web stats providers

You name them, I’ve probably dealt with them.  For each of these I’ve found one firm I love and thus I’ll no longer work with anyone else in that field.  Millennium Systems is my hosting firm, and has been for a couple of years now.  If you read this blog frequently you probably know who my web stats provider of choice is, and for domain registrations I’m a huge GoDaddy fan – good prices, they actually answer their phone, and nice online interface.

Why am I writing this?

1) I do honestly, truly, as sure as I sit in front of my computer screen for 12 hours a day absolutely love their fantastic customer service.

2) They are doing a little giveaway where they are offering a rack of cash.  To be entered into the contest you’ve got to refer someone to them.  I am in the midst of a period where I’m not really taking many new projects, and thus am not likely to sign many people up myself.  I want the cash though, and I love their service.  Its my hope someone reading this will check them out and give them a shot.

If you do, PLEASE for the love of all things holy put my name – Jon Payne – into the “Heard about us from” field on their quick signup form

Their strengths:

  • ridiculous personal support.  real people.  much faster than other firms.
  • nice windows hosting product selection
  • good rates
  • very reliable uptime

Their weaknesses

  • poor name

Come on guys – “Millennium Systems”???  I bet that was a great idea in 1998!  🙂

I should really be one to talk though.  Ephricon Web Marketing?  How the heck did I come up with that?  There is no answer.  One of these I’ll create a neat little story.  Truth is I was on the spot from a prospective client to make my business official.  I needed a name.  I needed a name with an available domain.  That’s tough.  I kept putting letters together until I got something for which I could register the domain.  I also liked the fact that there were no other meanings of the word… so I could search on “ephricon” and find any and everything mentioning my firm.  I’ve since thought about changing it quite a bit.  I registered a domain (.net version, unfortunately) for “Clear Focus Marketing”.  Thoughts?

Anyhow, go sign up with Millennium Systems if you are absolutely in love with your current hosting company’s ease of support and I promise you’ll stick with them.  And again, mention “Jon Payne” in the “heard about us from” field.  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!  🙂