Growing a Web Marketing Business

I have recently been inspired to grow my one-person (well, sorta…) SEO and web marketing shop to a slightly larger venture. The reason: larger projects. Larger projects and more projects – strangely enough – require more time. Apparently there are only 24 hours in one day, no matter how hard I try to reject that fact. As such, I ran a few numbers and am now reviewing office space in the area and also looking to perhaps make one or two “hires” in the next couple of months.

Its both exciting and a bit nerve-racking, as up until now I’ve been in control of the entire show. I am also making a bit of a strategic shift along with the operational and physical shift, in that I plan to offer a “higher end” service that truly focuses on the primary goal of improving websites to help them produce results. That may mean organic SEO, it may mean PPC management, online publicity campaigns, research, site re-design and conversion analysis, etc. Make a better site that delivers more value and produces greater results. That’s what we’ll aim to do for our clients.

If you know anyone with solid analytical skills that is interested in either part-time work or possibly an SEO / Internet Marketing Internship in the Baltimore, Maryland area feel free to send them my way. I won’t put my email address here but if you’re interested and have some basic internet research abilities you should be able to find it fairly easily.