Interesting CafePress Project

Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide is doing a bit of a project where she is taking 30 days, no startup money and seeing if she can create a modestly profitable business. Admittedly, with no startup capital “profitable” is really any income, but nonetheless her articles are quite interesting.

She really hits the spectrum of internet marketing in that she leverages outsourcing of production and order fulfillment (to CafePress), leverages affiliate marketing, uses Google AdSense as an extra source of income and generates traffic through Google AdWords (PPC), a blog, a – get this – interesting idea and defined target market, press and organic search engine rankings which she was able to achieve so quickly by bypassing the highly debated sandbox effect by using a page on an established domain. Her articles are of interest to anyone who is involved in internet marketing, SEO, entreprenuership in general or certainly her niche market of mothers who are breastfeeding.

(Originally found via the FreshYields blog)