Jon = Corporate SEO / SEM

Big news here – I’m now currently employed as a full-time in-house SEO with a fairly large telecommunications firm. I will continue to operate my search engine marketing firm, but on a scaled-back and more selective basis.

In reflecting upon all the recent issues with bloggers posting too much info about their jobs and companies (Jeremy Ensight, the guy from Google, etc.), I’ve decided I’ll not name the firm I’m working for, nor will I provide any narrative about day to day activities, overall strategy or really anything about the firm at all. Rather, this blog will continue to serve as an outlet for my commentary about sites I continue to work on through my private business, that are in no way related to my new position.

Now aside from that disclaimer, I’m quite excited 🙂

I’ve been working with the firm for a few weeks now, and so far things are going better than expected. Its a big change from my old routine – waking up, starting work within 5 minutes, working in my PJs, sitting in one room all day and only seeing the friendly faces (joke) at the Post Office and bank every now and again. I now work on larger projects, more complex sites, etc. So far I really enjoy it – especially in having the time and resources to focus my efforts, rather than feeling like I’m splitting them between dozens of smaller projects and various lines of business (my business used to offer web design and maintenance in addition to SEO, that has now changed).

Okay well I thought I’d share that exciting news. My firm will have its site redesigned to reflect the fact that I’m no longer offering web design, programming, maintenance, etc. to new clients. I’ll also try and “upscale” it a bit, as I believe my services are now in more demand than ever before :). The past few days alone I’ve received a number of calls from highly qualified leads.

No More Comment SPAM!!!

On another note, I’ve decided to disable comments on this site. I’ve had the site up for a while and still not really posted nearly as much as I would like, so its not like there are a ton of “real” comments anyways – I think like 7 in total 🙂 I do, however, get abused by the spam comment bots. Its a real time drain and I hate it, so I’ve decided just to disable comment posting so I don’t have to deal with it. If you’d like to reach me go visit my private business site and you can get ahold of me via the info there…