My First TV Appearance

So I just had my first appearance on TV – on Business Connection on Maryland Public Television (MPT/PBS). I’ve been filmed many times before, but typically just in producing historical copies (I film each lecture I give to try and evaluate myself – although rarely do I actually do the evaluation, but that’s another topic…). Anyhow, the show just aired this evening and will also be re-broadcast early Friday morning (6 am EST) and Sunday at 11:30 for those of you in the Maryland or DC area.

It was about a 10 minute segment with myself, Chris Boggs from the G3 Group, and the host – Jeff Salkin. A very basic and high-level overview of sorts. It was also good meeting Chris, whose firm I am well aware of as in a sense I suppose they are one of the stronger regional competitors of my business. I don’t really think of them – or any of the other local SEO firms I communicate with – as competition though. My firm is small – too small right now to take on much (read: any, unless you’ve got some deep pockets or are in an industry that I’m quite interested in) new business any time soon – plus there seems to be plenty to go around right now. Chris also happens to be a moderator in the Search Engine Watch forums.

Anyhow – obviously this isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, but rather my self-indulged rambling. If you want breaking news, check out SEO Book or Search Engine Roundtable. If you want opinionated, wordy and hastily published narratives on last week’s web marketing news – well, I can deliver that! 🙂