New MSN Search Now Live!

I heard rumors that it was supposed to be 90-95% live yesterday or even the day before (these were predictions over the weekend) and I had noticed some stats on some of my sites that indicated more visitors from MSN – visitors who searched on terms that the sites were significantly more highly ranked on the Beta version than on the old version, leaving me to suspect that to at least some degree the Beta version was feeding some of the live results.

But whenever I went to check things out for myself I was still getting the old results – right up through last night. This morning I tried again and voila! New results! I don’t know if I’m one of the first people to be seeing these or if I’m one of the last to get the new results, but in either case I can say the new search technology for MSN is now live. Just not sure if its only partially live or completely live. At least a few people have been seeing this for a few days now, but count me in too now.

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