Over-Optimization – What’s the Point?

Sometimes you see a website that is ridiculously over-optimized and you just have to ask… What’s the point?

I can’t take credit for finding this link – as I found it on one of the blogs I read and emailed it to myself, but now I can’t seem to find the article and thus give proper credit. My apologies.


Check that out. Wow. Okay just for kicks lets say that page actually gets traffic. How many people with Migranes do you think are actually going to convert on that site? For that matter, what’s the call to action? What IS a conversion on that site?

Okay just found it – its the link in the body area. So they are banking that someone will do the following, thus making them some money:

1) User finds that page.
2) User doesn’t immediately click away b/c it looks so spammy and worthless.
3) User decides to click the link in the body with no compelling reason to do so.
4) User is taken to homepage and decides to either click on AdSense-like ads or Affiliate links.

Hahaha. Good luck!