PPC Landing Page No-No

I’m on a roll today – lots of posts 🙂

So I was just doing an “actual” search, as I’m in need of some pre-printed 1099 forms. So of course, I did a search. I found Staples’ site and it had a targeted title, so I clicked it. I’m then taken to this page immediately after searching for “1099 preprinted forms” and clicking on their reasonably well targeted ad:

Poor PPC Targeting

Notice there’s absolutely no mention of 1099 preprinted forms or even tax-related forms anywhere on that page. Instead they want my zip code. My thoughts: Show me you have the product I’m looking for before I’m willing to give you any information about me! I can’t help but think they’d improve their conversion rate a great deal by moving that zip code request page further back in the process. Pull me in a bit more guys before asking my lazy and impatient self (i.e. typical web surfer) for some information. Let me know I’m in the right place!