Quick Comment About the ClickZ Sale

First off, my apologies for no posts in the past week and a half or so. I was on vacation and am just now catching up and figuring out what’s been going since I left. 🙂

Second, it appears as though JupiterMedia has sold ClickZ and SearchEngineWatch (which produces the Search Engine Strategies conferences and is to my understanding a part of ClickZ) to Incisive Media, which is based in the UK.

Details are posted by Danny Sullivan here.

My thoughts? Well naturally I’m not privy to either company’s financial situation or much anything about them beyond the surface, but on the surface I very much question this move. I’m typically one who is usually very skeptical about large dollar amounts flying around, but in this case the $43 Million selling price actually sounds a bit cheap to me. I’m sure they generate a fairly nice income with each of the SES conferences, which seem to be growing in size and number of annual occurances each year. Add that the the ad revenue on SEW and whatever subscription income they have, plus its general pull in the industry and I’m actually a bit surprised it didn’t go for more…