Random “SEO” Snakeoil Solicitation Emails

Happy 4th of July!  I’m only in the office for the morning mostly to do some work for my class… wanted to share this though.

These are crazy.  I get like 2-3 each day, usually never respond.  Today I did:
—–Original Message—–

From: Shane Tedford [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 7:29 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Placement SVC


Our Company can place your web site(s) in the top positions of the major search engines.  Want a free estimate?  Reply to us If you are interested in getting top positioning in the major search engines. PLEASE INCLUDE THE URL(S) or WEB SITE ADDRESS you want quotes on and the best way to reach you.  Examples and references can be provided.


Thanks for your reply,

Shane Tedford


You guys are hilarious.  You do searches in the search engines to find websites to email about your snakeoil services.  Has it ever occured to you that the sites you find in the search engines are the ones who obviously don’t need your help?  You should focus on the 99% of sites you don’t find in the search engines and send them the emails instead, they are your target market.  Sheesh!