SEO Meetup Groups

In follow-up to the launching of our recent Baltimore SEO Meetup Group (my post | press release | group page) I’ve recently seen a few more groups start up.

Rebecca over at SEOmoz gave us a plug in her recent post about meetup groups, and it looks as though her town of Seattle now has its own group, as do Portland and Charlotte (organized by Keith), as well as Virginia – which, truth be told was my inspiration.

I’m in Baltimore which is about 30-45 minutes from DC, and the VA group seems to be weighted in the Northern VA area, just south of DC. Its a bit of a hike from Baltimore – doable, but not a fun drive… so I decided to see if there was opportunity for a more Maryland-focused group. So far there seems to be that opportunity, as we’re now at 32 “members” and should announce our first event in the next day or two.

Good luck to all!

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