SES Toronto 2005

I thought I had started a post on this and saved it to complete later… but apparently not. Anyhow, last week I was in Toronto for the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo – my first.

Some observations:

1) Toronto is larger than I thought. I was reading something like 5 times the size of Baltimore (city pop.) and closing in on LA. I had no idea.

2) More people there seemed to be more interested in PPC marketing than organic SEO. This also suprised me. That said, I’m glad this was the case. They had some great PPC sessions and I really learned alot in this arena that I can use – as virtually all of my experience is in organic SEO.

3) Some speakers really impressed me a great deal, and a few the opposite. I’ll like add half a dozen authors to my reading list, and strike out two or three while I’m at it.

4) Flying in the night before and flying out early the next morning does not leave much time for sight-seeing.

That’s about it for now. It was good times and I highly recommend attending!