Teleflora – Site Design

So I just sent flowers online via Teleflora, and I just wanted to comment on what a great site design and layout they have. I had seen their logo in several florists before but didn’t know much about them – I’d always just thought for that type of thing, or the local florist for local stuff.

Their site design and marketing/conversion approach its truly great. Here’s why:

  • Clean layout
  • Products stand out, not the design itself
  • Great knowledge of conversion process – they show you only what you need when you need it. They don’t bore you with showing every single navigation option and link when you are stage 3 of the checkout process and clearly don’t want that.
  • Lots of great sales tools – add person to your contacts list, get yourself reminded of the occasion next year, sample notes to put on the cards (great for a guy like me who might not feel know how to express a nice warm message in such few characters), etc.
  • Great navigation – browse by occasion or category (type of arrangement or product), and the occasions themselves have some crossover

Regarding that last bullet above, the wife instructed me to look for “something springy” for a birthday gift. So which do I use… “Spring” or “Birthday” as the occasion? I know (and care) zippy about flowers. Thankfully there were a few spring birthday arrangements. Nice.

The checkout process was easy too. They also did a great job of removing all unnecessary navigation and info to keep me focused on completing that checkout.

I truly love their design too. I think the best design if you are selling anything that has some sort of visual lure (flowers, clothes, cars, some electronics – anything where aesthetics are a factor) is to have a very simple clean white design that really lets the colors and images stand out. They’ve clearly done that. Okay now no more free publicity for them!