Tips for Online Press Releases

I’m by no means experienced in syndicating online press releases, but I do know and understand the value of the topic. I’ve picked up a number of tips through a little bit of modest experience, as well as tips I’ve heard and read from others.

Today I was asked by a client:

What is the best way to do “professional looking” press releases, ones that will also proliferate through the www…?

My suggestions were:

1) Make it about a topic, idea, news event, etc. rather than about the company. Try and spin it to some sort of interesting story rather than something that is blatantly self-promotional. Those have the best chance of getting syndicated.

2) Make the title noteworthy, and include some of your keywords.

3) Syndicate via and/or

4) Include one or two links to your website in the body, and definitely one in the footer. Use rather than I.E. “More information is available at”.

5) Keep the paragraphs short and if you have opportunity to use bullet points, give it a try.

6) Include at least if not two quotes from somebody. You’ll have a better chance for someone to pick it up if you do that. Make the quotes about the news item rather than one of the companies.

7) Consider using an in-body link to another authoritative web site that relates to the topic.

8) Use some keywords throughout the body, especially the first paragraph. Make sure the first sentence grabs the reader’s interest.

9) In the footer state that the release can be redistributed and republished for free so long as the author is cited as in the release with a link to the website.