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The “Video Professor” is a company that used to sell computer training software in the form of CD/DVD video lessons.  The company’s founder, John Scherer, was recognizeable to many as he appeared on the firm’s TV commercials.  I use the past tense here, because the company as it existed is no longer in business.  Read below for more details on that.  Another firm acquired their domain name, ( but it appears to be an entirely separate company with it’s own separate product.

I wrote the below blog past way back in 2005 to discuss the company’s marketing tactics.  Many people felt they were getting ripped off.  I’ll let you read this very long post and form your own opinions if you are interested.  In the meantime, however, if you are simply looking for some good options to teach you various aspects of using the computer then please see the options below.  They are software lessons offered by other companies (NOT Video Professor) and have good reviews on Amazon.  Please note that I am an affiliate for these, and I do receive compensation should you purchase them.  That said, no amount of compensation is worth a man’s integrity, and I would not list them if I felt they were poor products.

If you are a former Video Professor customer and just someone who wants to read about the drama and fallout related to them, then read the original blog post below.



You know I’ve always wondered how “The Video Professor” made money on his computer lesson CDs that were “free”, so long as you pay the $6.95 shipping charge… I had just assumed that it was a cheap product and maybe cost him $1-2 to produce and ship, and then he made $5 per lesson profit, using the “free” bit as a marketing gimmic of sorts.

According to what I’ve read from others online, my assumption above is apparently not entirely accurate… although I’m sure they do pull a profit with just the shipping. It seems as though you get a free lesson, or more accurately you get 2 free lessons. However, they ship you a set of 3 lessons, on 3 CDs, and you have to return the third within 10 days or they charge you $70+ for disk 3, whereas the first two are free.

If you’ve seen this guy’s TV commercials you may well feel as though this is completely misleading. Many customers of theirs have claimed there is specific intent to deceive the customer into thinking they are receiving a free lesson with no strings attached. Indeed, there are strings attached – if you don’t return one of the disks they send you within 10 days then you get charged a hefty fee. Many consumers claim that they hide this detail (so you don’t return it) and then they charge you b/c it was written in the fine print.

I have no first-hand information, so I must go on what I’ve read from others. If this is true, then they profit on deception and trickery rather than on good marketing, solid business principals, a good product or happy customers.

That sickens me.

I can’t stand it when others resort to sketchy scams to try and get rich where as the rest of us work honest jobs to make a living. Not playing by the rules whereas the rest of us are.

Let me make it clear though that I’ve not ordered from Video Professor, and as such I do not have the first-hand experience. Rather, I’ve found other websites that refer to VP’s business practices as a scam, and its hard to disagree with the points that are made. Its also hard to think that everything is 100% legit when you read some of the comments on this post (see below).

As they say – Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Here are a few more links about their hidden charges scam:

  • Rip Off Report
  • Infomercial Scams – has 47 complaints (as of my writing this) that are personal stories from others.
    note: now its 113 complaints on the above site

And now here are a couple of funny videos:

Update: 12/23/2006 – I just approved a few new comments on this post, one from a former employee. Wow. There is more negative sentiment here than I expected. In the interest of fair time, has anyone had a good experience with Video Professor?

Update: 07/20/2007 – So apparently the folks at Video Professor have found this web page. I’m hoping they’ve actually read it rather than just jumped to conclusions. They have expressed to me that they want to help resolve the concerns and issues of their customers, which I find refreshing. I have offered yet again to approve any official post or blog comment from them, should they wish to publicly join the conversation. My intent here is not to slander or beat them up unfairly. My intent is to enable people to share their experiences good or bad, and hopefully enable those with poor experiences with Video Professor to get the resolution they are looking for. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing for anybody.

Update: 07/20/07 (#2)
Here’s their disclaimer that I’ve been searching for. It explains how really its a “trial offer” and if you elect to keep all three discs then they will charge you, otherwise you can keep two of them but must call them about returning the third disc within 10 days otherwise you will be charged. Note that this disclaimer only applies to web orders and may differ from that of the other ordering channels, though the general principal appears to be the same to me.

I have received a comment from Video Professor addressing the allegations of some of those who have commented in this blog. I have approved the comment below (Comment #30) and will also copy and paste it below. Note that I have no authentication that this is an “official” comment, though the author claims to be from Video Professor and according to my website analytics package they appear to be accessing from Video Professor’s network.

Video Professor is eager to help our customers with their concerns. Please contact our Executive Customer Assurance Department directly at (800) 500-1183. You will be responded to within one business day. You may also email us by visiting

Update 12/16/2007 – I found a few new links about Video Professor’s “marketing tactics” and some lawsuits they have against website owners and anonymous critics (people posting blog comments anonymously). I’m going to refrain from providing much commentary, I’ll let you make up your own mind. It certainly seems as though a lot of people have had many bad experiences with Video Professor and I can’t see any motivation for these people to lie. I know I’ve found them terribly unprofessional and just plain mean in my dealings with them concerning their dislike of this webpage. They claim people are spreading lies about them for financial gain. I have no financial gain here. I do not make any money off of this blog. I just don’t like dishonest business tactics.
Another Update: I removed a link to an outside site as it was brought to my attention that the site has since been taken down.  When this post first went live years ago, there were many other blog posts just like it.  Today, most of those seem to have been taken down, removed, deleted, etc.

Update 09/26/2012 – It’s been 7 years since I first wrote this post, and it now appears that VIDEO PROFESSOR WENT OUT OF BUSINESS.  This happened almost 2 years ago but since they went out of business I figured no more harm was being done to the general public so I didn’t bother to post about it.  I’m doing so now simply because many people are still searching for V.P. and aren’t sure what has happened.  Here are a few links to sources about this:

Notice for all blog comments on this post:
If you wish to post a comment, I ask that you do so objectively and without profanity. If you feel wronged or scammed by Video Professor, than by all means voice yourself. That said, do it tastefully as a civilized person please.

Additionally, I reserve the right to share any information that I gather when you post a comment. This may include your name (as recorded), email address, IP address, date/time of your comment and your comment itself. I will not do so for commercial purposes, or to spam, you, etc. I will only share such information as it relates to a) helping resolve your dispute or b) in conjunction with legal considerations.

I also ask that you include your real name and real email address when commenting so that Video Professor may contact you to resolve your dispute.

Valid complaints, concerns, warnings, etc. are appropriate. I don’t particularly like Video Professor so no complaint here. That said, this will not be a senseless bashing of their company.

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  1. I agree that the advertisements are very misleading. When you order by phone the operator keeps pushing more products to buy to help “enhance” your learning experiences. I spent almost 20 minutes on the phone just trying to order the Excell CD’s. After they arrived in the mail is when you findo ut about the scam of the third CD. The program you order actually costs almost $90.00 not $6.95. Plus the CD’s have tons of othe programs like virus and spy ware stuff that i dont want or need and it automatically would load with the CD. After i read through the infromation when it cam i immediately sent the stuff back but never got a credit on my credit card. This guy is a scam artist extroadinare.

    • I completely understand how the seemingly vast majority of the people feel about this companies marketing practices. By comparison let me say that false and deceptive marketing practices have been on the up-rise for over 10 years now and the Government of this once Great Nation does nothing to make anyone think twice about engaging in this type of marketing. Just a few examples: General Motors a few years ago claimed they had paid off the Government bailout money in full when in fact they had only paid back less than 10 percent of it but they were allowed to market the “NEW” General Motors and promote all those new cars that they knew full well that there were serious safety issues with.. Next lets take Verizon. Claiming to provide over 97 percent of all cell phone service in the USA that is “poppy cock” They also sign you up and you sign a contract for say 110.61 per month including taxes and fees. and you get your first bill and it is 132.18. You call and complain and they claim to get it straightened out. Next month the bill is now 148.51. and the next month is even higher. When You show them the paper contract that you signed with the account manager that came to your home to pitch you. They say he is no longer with the company and he never should have given you that monthly rate. Now your stuck in a two year contract at roughly 50% more than was originally contracted. They do this routinely with almost everyone I have spoken with and it wasn’t until i went to the Attorney Generals office and filed a complaint against them that they came back and claimed it was an accounting error and that they would issue the proper credits to the account and bring the monthly rate down to the contracted rate of 110.61. The national average for people that actually pursue legal remedy for these tactics is sadly less than 2%. So just taking one hundred people into and doing the math. We get 11061.00 in contracted rates the rate goes up 50% so it is now $16,591.00 and subtract the 2% that complain and we have $16,480.39. and a net ripoff of $5,419.31 per month per hundred customers. Now verizon claims to have roughly 73 million customers nationwide. So 730000 times the 5419.31 figure gives us $395,615,470.00 that is 395 million per month in revenue generated solely from fraud and deception. We wont mention false advertising or racketeering.
      In closing, I did find that in support of Video Professor that their online flat rate monthly training program was by far affordable and the lessons were very well done and in a format that even my wife who was computer super illiterate and now is most certainly not. 6 months of their online tutorials at roughly one or two lessons a night had achieved a good working knowledge of Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft Office as well. She has been the go to gal when others need help with an app.

  2. This program has made V.P. RICH and I don’t like to give my money to anyone. Very misleading and decieptful. Sorry crap for the money, DON’T PURCHASE AT ANY TIME.

  3. no,the operator who tries and sells more videos is the only person i can get on the phone.people who do a decietful business should be reported to the BBB. I will follow your sugestions and write to people in power who can try and stop theese get rich quik scammers

  4. I am like Jon. Found out the hard way that there were other charges. I don’t have the CD’s to return. I think I tossed them after reconsidering my initial order. I did not even open the package. By the time I got them, I was no longer interested and didn’t even open it. I was unaware, and it never dawned on me that there would be hidden stuff. I left a message about five days ago for a return phone call. I have yet to hear from them. If I don’t get a phone call soon, I am going to report them to the BBB.
    NOT HAPPY!!!!! Disgusted. What jerks!!

  5. 😈 i am a former emplyee of vp dont be fooled people they treat there employees worse than the cust. its a complet scam john sheer is the devil and he has no remorse. 99 out of 100 cust that i assisted were absolutly irrate because they were never in formed that they were going to be billed 79.95 . then they would go as far as makeing employes force cust to keep the charges an the lesson if we werent able to do so we would be penalized. this is money that people would need to pay bills and feed there familys imagine they response when all the sudden they had no money in there account and a lesson that they tossed aside thinking it was free. this company cares nothing o f there customers or there employees.PLEASE PEOPLE THIS IS NOT WORTH IT NEVER GIVE VP YOUR CC # THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF U AN RUIN YOUR LIFE TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW THEY OPPERATE !!! I WAS FIRED RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS BECAUSE THEYSAID I WAS BEING TOO SYMPATHETIC TO CUST AND ISSUING TO MANY REFUNDS ALSO I WAS INFORMING CUST TOO MUCH WHEN I WOULD TAKE ORDERS I JUST WANTED TO BE HONEST WITH MY CUST. FOR THIS THEY WITHHELD 1000.00 DOLLERS OF MY WAGES AND HAD A LEGAL RIGHT TO. AGAIN THIS WAS A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS . THERE IS OTHER WAYS TO LEARN YOUR COM. FOR EXAMPLE THIS IS NOT ACTUALL SOFTWARE THIS IS A LESON PEOPLE DONT RELIZE ALOT OF THERE COMM. COME WITH SOMTING THAT WILL TEACH U HOW TO USE THE PROGRAMS ON YOUR COMM. AND WHEN U BUY THE SOFT WARE ITS COMES WITH A COMPLETE LESSON ON HOW TO USE IT. DONT LET VIDEO PROFESSOR RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE IT HAS MINE. THEY DONT DESERVE YOUR SERVICE !!!!111

  6. Susan,

    Thanks for your comments. However, to be clear I have not personally ordered Video Professor’s products. Rather, I am simply a guy who has a tremendous interest in business models and was curious how this guy was making money…

    I figured it was simply that he was okay with $7 in shipping when I presume it truly only costs $1 or so, thus leaving a few bucks profit there, but that is pretty low considering the volume he must sell in order to pay for the TV commercials. It wasn’t until I learned of the the hidden charge issue that it then made sense.

    The idea of charging someone and having your profit model based on the idea that you are going to charge them without their being aware, and then make it such a pain in the butt to get a refund that they give up, well, that doesn’t sound right to me.


  8. Help!!! I have never felt so violated…naieve…stupid!I am 51 year old Grandma
    who just got computer 4 Xmas & am not computer saavy, yet. Got in the VP trap by completing online
    survey. Til I found this sight, I thought I had overlooked or not read the listing right! I saw and thought I had agreed to: $1.00 postage/$6.95 to keep it. Where did the 69.95 come in???? So far I have had these deductons from my acct.: $1, $7.95,
    2 wks. later: $69.95, today one wk. later: another $6.95! Where does this end? Today I went to VP site;
    customer service and sent an email requesting an
    explaination of charges, a copy of my purchase agreement, copy of my bank auth.. Will I get an answer? What is my best bet to resolve this from this point forward? I am ready to close my bank account as SMC has already cost me hundreds in bank fees/late fees, etc… nearly rendering us homeless, taking our Xmas $, left us w/no fuel oil,etc… I also did not even open my $6.95 VP pkg. til after I got the $69.95 charge…when it ws too late! I am now afraid to click on anything! I will nowNEVER take another online survey! Scared!

  9. I have just found out about the SCAM. I ordered over the internet and paid by debit card. Since i received it VP takes $1.00 to $2.00 a week out of my account. My bank says that it is unable to stop payment since I authorized the initial payment of $6.95. This is terrible that he can rob so many people and get away with it.

  10. Thanks for your comments, i was considering a vp product but will not now. Some advice from someone who has been in business for a while.
    1 pay with a debit visa card
    2 if charged for something you did not order then dispute the amount with your bank.
    3 they will have to refund your money and then claim from vp
    4 be insistant with the bank and stand firm
    5 vp will lose their merchant status with visa if too many people complain
    6 finally always say that your telephone conversation is being recorded, use your answerfone to do this, for training purposes, you will be surprised,
    7 Always return with a signature to maintain your rights
    good luck

  11. I called VP on April 27th complaining about the charges of $79.95 for each program; PowerPoint and Excel. I never ordered Excel so I returned it unopened immediately. I then sent my PowerPoint, unopened, to them. After my call I was informed that I would receive a full refund. I received a postcard this morning where the shipping charges were credited to my charge card but not the 2 charges of $79.95. What is my next step? Can anyone help?

  12. This information has just saved me from making a big mistake. I have seen the advertisements on television and was seriously thinking about purchasing the products. I am so glad I saw this website before I made that purchase.

  13. Yes, I got scammed too. I called for an instructional cd. I did not open the box, I just called my credit card people, explained what happened, and returned to sender thru the mail unopened. Now I’m waiting to see what happens.

  14. video professor is a cheat they rob persons trying to better themselves they also rob unsuspecting people of mony from there checking accounts

  15. don’t you ever trust those that claim to give something for nothing just pay shipping and handling they say, not true. all those well know like vedio professor, never tell you the truth, shipping and handling turns out to cost you more then what you expected, and those so called surveys, participation required, just sit and wait, for your free gift, such as gas certificates,ext… just remember, you never get something for nothing , it just don’t exsist, never give out your personal identification, unless you don’t mind getting scrooded…video professor, video thieves….make money taking surveys, give it up they are all fraud…

  16. :roll:there should be a national class action suite agenst video professor in behaf of all those that have been cheated by there lying ads…..

  17. if you want to know what i know about vid prof and trust me i know about all of the things you dont, let me know, i have been working for vp for over two years and as a csr its time to stop the complaining and to start the legal action that is long over due for the ones who have been ripped off over and over and over again ….i may lose my job but my knowledge of the inside info may be what it takes

  18. I was interested in Gary Capon’s suggestions of April 30, 2007. I was scammed by V.P. when I signed up for PeoplePc internet service. After several time of telling the no, no, no, I still received the CDs. I have never opened any of them and did not think that I had to return them because I had not requested them.
    I am not sure how they got my account information to debit my checking account, but assume that it was through People PC.
    I did as you suggested and contacted my bank to at least stop payment for any future billings and was told, that even though I had used a debit card there was nothing they could do. Since then I have been charged for at least one more CD.
    What is my next step in stopping these charging being deducted from my account?
    Also, I was under the impression that according to Federal postal laws, anything that you recieve in the mail that you do not order is not required to be returned. I have never ordered anything and it looks to me like I am not alone in this either. I seems as though many of us in this same boat did not order them either.
    I too would be interested in a class action lawsuit.

  19. We want to say that we are sympathetic with all who were ripped off by VP. We were researching learning tools for Ebay and were going to purchase the VP disk. After reading the responses we are going to heed the advice of others and not purchase the product fromVP. Thank you for all your advice.

  20. I am amazed at how many people have gotten scammed by this individual. I am constantly getting money withdrawn from my bank account because I used my debit card , and now I don;t know how to stop this. Do they have an email address or a phone #, so that I may call to have this stopped? HELP!!!!! PLEASE REPLY..

  21. I just got took to the cleaners by this prefessor guy! I got an emial that I had won a computer of my picking. Three to choose from. After an hour of telling them no to a hundred differant things they wanted me to buy I finally decided I’d buy the Video Professor’s learn E-bay cd hopeing that would get me my free computer. After i bought something naturally it just went back to my screen saver. 6.95 and then after 10 days they jerked another 76 bucks out of my account for two other lessons that I didn’t know about inside the package I had got and put aside on my computor desk! To this day I have not a clue what they are on. I mailed the entire thing back to them demanding my money put back in! So far its been a month and nothing. Can you tell me how I can get my money back? Yours Truly, Roy Collins

  22. Has anyone tried the 99c for 99 hour online lessons? I’d really like to complete the other two lessons, but now I am afraid to.
    What would happen if I purchased one of those pre-paid Visa Cards sold at the grocery stores? They wouldn’t be able to charge anything on it over and above what I pre-loaded the card with. Right? This seems like a good option for this type of thing….am I right?

  23. I wish I had checked before signing up for my “FREE” lesson. They put charges thru my credit card before I received my lesson which was damaged in the mail. Then they kept charging me and sending other lessons… the customer service rep told me that I had signed up on the “continuity plan”. There was nothing noting a continuity plan!!!! And then she wanted to send me a different lesson, talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

  24. Boy am I glad I came to this site. I had been thinking about purchasing CDs from VP for some time now. I am very sorry and horrified about the problems all of you have had and are still having. It would be a good idea for all of you who have been scammed to contact the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. to file a complaint against them at What VP is doing is in violation of several federal laws that are unfair and deceptive acts and practices to say the least. PLEASE, PLEASE, everyone file complaints with the FTC and your state Attorney General’s office. The FTC might be able to get consumer redress for those who were harmed.

  25. I got well burned by video professor a couple of years ago.
    I do not remember the details, probably get the details from my
    credit card co. I have a postmaster in the family & was
    told the postoffice has a lot of
    problems with video professor
    such as they had my credit card
    number ( you can guess the rest)

  26. I too was thinking of buying a few cd’s from “VP”, But after finding this site I have reconcedered. Thanks for posting this Sir, I am sure you may have saved a lot of people there hard earned money, Me for one. Thank you. Don Beach


  28. I got (purchased) one lesson. I felt it made learning the program very easy. When the second lesson came, that’s when I came realized the marketing tactic they were using.

    The best advice I can give each of you is to contact the Consumer Protection Division of the local District Attorney’s office. There are laws to protect consumers. When the second one came, I called the company and advised the sales rep. I only wanted the one program and did not agree to any further mailings. They stated that in order to receive the first “free” lesson, I had also agreed to future mailings. I told them to either discontinue the mailings or I would turn the matter over to the District Attorney’s office; they instructed me how to return the un-ordered lesson and sent no further lessons. To me, this indicated they are well aware their marketing practices are questionable, at least in some states.

  29. I ordered from vp today and then found you web site, I feel like such a fool. I called them back to cancel my order and was told I would have to call back in 48 hours because they could not pull up my order? So the very next thing I did was call my bank cancel my debit card and have a new card issued, the bank also did a block so no other transactions could go through on my debit card. I hope this helps anyone else.

  30. Thank god i did not order this package… and will never… and i think there are many other ways of getting this for free… use google and search for the torrents

  31. I feel like an idiot for being sucked into this scam. I did the $6.95 bit and was overjoyed with the “free” package I received. Then came my cc bill and I am being charged $189. There was no indication that this was a trial offer and that I had ten days to review it. All the papers that came with the package never mentioned anything about the trial offer or that there was a $189 fee I would be charged. Rest assured that the Missouri Attorney General willhear about this!

  32. How come Science Channel (and other TV channels) are so disrespectful to it’s audience and keeps on displaying “video professor’s” infomercials?

  33. John W. Scherer, CEO of Video Professor, Inc., is a highly skilled scam artist, who has evidently figured out how to operate just beneath the radar of law enforcement. I confess that, despite my thinking that I’m difficult to scam, I too was scammed by the Mr. Nice Guy appearance and approach that John Scherer presents in his Video Professor TV infomercials. Based on observing one of his VP infomercials, I decided to purchase a CD course for my PC and technology-challenged girlfriend. Mr. Scherer claims in his infomercial that all I, or any first time customer, would pay is $6.95 s&h for any one of the CD-based courses that VP offers. Nowhere in his infomercial, nor anytime during the order placement process on the website, did I see anything indicating that I should expect to be charged $189.95 for the one course that I ordered. Low and behold, about a week after receiving the boxed (plain brown cardboard outer box) courseware, rather than seeing a $6.95 charge on my credit card statement, my credit card was charged $189.95 by Video Professor. Clearly to my understanding, this is out and out fraud. I never authorized Video Professor, Inc. nor any of its agents to charge my credit card any more than $6.95. I immediately contacted my credit card company by phone, and after explaining to the agent what had transpired, she turned me over to their consumer fraud department. They advised me that they were closing my credit card account and transferring all unpaid charges, except those from Video Professor, to a new account. They also told me that they would contact Video Professor to inform them that the $189.95 is believed to be fraudulent and will be disputed by the credit card holder, me. I found the website for the Attorney General’s office in Denver, CO, where VP is headquartered, filled out the Consumer Protection Complaint form ( and mailed it to them along with supporting documents. I also found the website for the Federal Trade Commission (,
    that has an online complaint form, which I completed and submitted. I hope that some day, John W. Scherer finds himself serving prison time for his deceptive and fraudulent business practices. I’d gladly pay $189.95 to see Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC do an exposee on Video Professor and its CEO, John W. Scherer. Everybody, please write Dateline NBC ( with your story!

  34. I bought this expecting to pay 6.95 and they in fact charged me $189. I called and they told me I had 10 days to return it or I was to be charged and that it was explained to me on line but I never saw that… I sent it back and they are supposed to credit my acct. Well I waited the 10 days and they when I called the lady said I had been automatically denied but she was going to push it through automatically and that it would take 2 or 3 days. I’ll update here if I get my money back.

  35. V.P. is eager to help our customers with their concerns. Please contact our Executive Customer Assurance Department directly at (800) 500-1183. You will be responded to within one business day.

  36. I can’t believe I read all this AFTER I had ordered from Video Professor… I should have done my research before hand!!
    Yesterday I signed up for the “free trial” for $6.95, but today when I looked at my bank account, there was ALSO a pending charge for $4.95. Where did that come from?? So after reading all about the fraudulent charges people have been complaining about, I had decided to call Video Professor RIGHT away to settle this before any more charges occur. Some rude-sounding lady answered the phone and said she wouldn’t be able to pull up my account because it takes 24 hours. She told me to call back tomorrow. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT? EVERY other company normally has the technology to pull up your account RIGHT THEN AND THERE, even if I had just signed up yesterday!!
    So then I had contacted my bank to see if they were able to deny charges from a certain merchant, but according to the bank’s policies, they aren’t able to stop any charges unless they were “recurring” and for the same amount every time. Does anyone else use Bank of America??

  37. Boy, do I wish I would have found this page before I was stupid enough to place my order with Video Professor. I ordered Selling on EBAY. I planned on paying 6.95 and instead was charged 189.00. Since receiving that lesson I have received two more in the mail with the 6.95 being charged. Needless to say, I didn’t order, I don’t want them, so I am sending them back. I have contacted my credit credit company and have challenged the charges. I have also notified VP that I don’t want anymore lessons sent to me. I am praying for a successful resolution. How sad is this that companies like VP and there are others too that sit back and take advantage of their customers??? I would advice anyone ordering on line to do a search on the company first. I know I will from now on!

  38. The same exact thing happened to my husband and myself.
    Order, what you thought would be 1 CD, then you receive 3.
    Told you will only be billed the shipping and handling fee of $6.95.
    We received the stupid CD, which anyone that has been on the internet already knows. 10 days later, you guessed it, they charged the debit card we used for the so called shipping and handling $189.00.

    We cancelled our debit card after reading on many website that they kept charging their account $189.00 and sent them another set of lame CD’s.

    What can a person do about this? Does anyone know!
    This company is a bunch of thiefs.

  39. I just saw the commercial on TV. I always do a quick Internet search for scam reports of anything that seems to good to be true. Now that I see that this is a typical scam to get your CC# and run with it, I will be sure to spread the word to everyone I can — I am VERY resourceful and tireless when it comes to alerting people of scammers like Video Professor.

  40. Back in early November I signed up on the internet for the $6.95 free trial lesson. The website would not accept my address, and oh how I wish I’d just given up. So I entered my grandmother’s address, and ordered the trial. When my grandmother came over for Thanksgiving, she gave me the box along with whatever other misdelivered mail I had. As a pastry cook, this is a hectic time of year for me, and I never got round to opening that box.

    Friday night, I tried to use my checking account to get a $15 pizza delivered and was shocked when my bank card was declined. Apparently I had been charged $189.00, $4.95, $1.00, and $1.00 by The Video Professor. Wow!

    I contacted the fraud department of my bank, and they closed my account for me, opened a new one, and gave me a temporary atm card, assuring me that a new debit card is in the mail. They told me to call Video Professor, and first attempt to get them to credit me.

    I did. I got a woman on the phone who was professional, courteous, and easy to understand. Now, apparently by not opening my box and taking any action, I not only was going to be charged for something inside the box, but also for something in presently in the mail, on its way to my grandmother’s house. She told me I could keep the second package as a free gift and not be charged for it, that she would cancel my monthly subscription, and that no further charges would be billed to me. For a second, that sounded great. Luckily, I pressed her for clarification. I found out they still intended to keep my $196.00! Wow! So I told her that I understood that she was giving me the answer which she was allowed to give me, and asked for a supervisor. She fought very hard against that. I assured her it was nothing personal, that she was polite and knowledgeable, but that what I really needed was someone with more power; someone who could give me exactly what I wanted and not get into trouble.

    She went away (supposedly) and came back to tell me that there was no one available. I said I wanted to wait, and she went off to find out how long that would be. When she returned, however, she completely met my demands. She gave me two return authorization numbers. I am to return to them their items, and 7-10 business days later, I shall receive a full refund for all but my initial $6.95.

    I’m off to the post office. I’ll return here in a few weeks with an update.

  41. I was interested in trying video professor for Microsoft publisher and searched for their website and got your site up during the search.Because I was interested in the programs
    and had no prior experience with Video Professor I decided to take a look on what people had to say about the company.
    It looks to me that most of the complains are related to the 10 days return policy or s&h fee.(have you ever seen any ads that did not have it?)
    After having read through a few complains on your blog I did go to Video Professor web site to see how it was presented there.I do not know anything of this company other business handling,but to claim it is a scam because of this is foolish.People who do not take the time to read disclaimers before they order should only blame them self for the result.
    It was not hard to find. And if you order by phone ask questions.It is to easy to blame everybody else for our own

  42. Feb 19, 09, Video professor got me too, as they won’t allow me to return their crap and now I have two charges pending on my credit card for 189. EACH.
    they conveinently do not have noted any calls I made to them
    and according to them i’m therefore out of luck.
    should have checked them out a little better.I hate getting ripped off, the web is just that, a very sticky web when you meet up with the likes of these people.

  43. Evidently, the VP still includes the fees for the cd’s and has not been deterred from placing proper notice on the web site where one orders. In many areas the FTC should be contacted and if they do not file a complaint against this deceptive practice, then it may be open to local attorneys or possibly a class action under the doctrine of Cy Pres

    Recent JD, but not a practicing attorney yet.

  44. For years now I have seen the infomercial of Video Professor and was always interested but never saw a lesson that I was interested in until I saw the HTML product. I ordered it for the $6.95 on Feb. 15th. I received the product on Mar. 6th some 19 days later. On “VP’s” web-site it clearly indicates that you have a 10-day viewing period and you will then be charged a fee of $189.95. I had the product less than three days and I was charged.

    I immediately called VP’s customer service line up only to be on hold for over 20 minutes. I explained my situation to the representative and he declared that the 10-day grace period starts when “their” shipping department ships the product. So if it takes longer than 10 days for the product to get to my address then that is “my” problem, not theirs.

    I request a Return Authorization Number for which I was given, only after 5 minutes of pressure selling by the VP representative to purchase more product. It was then I was informed that I will have to wait 1-2 billing cycles or 30-60 days to receive my $189.95 back. When I expressed my frustration with that I was simply told that that is their policy and that is that.

    My questions/issues are these:
    1. VP did not honor their own policy in giving me 10-days to review their product.
    2. VP is profiting on deception and trickery rather than good marketing and quality customer service.
    3. Why is it that VP took my $6.95 and 18 days later take another $189.95, but it will take them 60-days to return that money back once they receive the program back from me? Why the desparity in time?
    4. Less than three weeks to take close to $200 from a person but 8 weeks to get it back to them

  45. UPDATE
    I was contacted by a representative from Video Professor at 7:15p EST Monday 9th. The representative informed me that what I was being told by the “Call Centers” was infact incorrect. That the 10 day period I was told that started on the day it (the product ordered) ships was a incorrect assertion on the call centers behalf. Furthermore, the explanation given to me about “not” being able to refund the monies until 1-2 billing cycles or 30-60 days was false aswell. The representative was very polite and allowed me to lay out my whole situation without interuption. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by this representative not to mention her respect towards me as a consumer. Why Video Professor does not have individuals like her working in the call centers is beyond me. I would respectfully suggest they scrap those contracted call center model they are using and hire people like the person I worked with last night. All I wanted from Video Professor is to be treated with some respect and understanding. For Video Professor to honor their declared 10 day viewing period posted all over their web-site. And to work to show a willingness to resolve my complaint.

    The Video Professor representative informed me that I will be refunded the full amount of $189.95 in 3-5 days. Not the 30-60 initially claimed by the call center representatives.

    Once the money is deposited back into my account I will be satisfied with the outcome of this situation. When that is done I will update this complaint.

    However, I will not support Video Professor in the future until they over-haul the profiting on deception and trickery rather than good marketing and quality customer service. If their product is of quality, then let it stand on the merits of its quality. Don’t resort to pressure sales and the “implied consent” charges that is ineffect stealing from consumers.

  46. Been screwed by Video Professor? Email me, I can help.

    My Email:

    I will explain in detail to you what you need to do to get your money back and appropriately deal with Video Professor’s marketing trickery and stone-walling.

    First: Understand that when you call into Video Professor you are not calling Video Professor. You are calling a “call center” that has been contracted by VP.

    Second: These (not all) call centers are focused on up-selling you and keeping your money at all costs. They will resort to tatics like mis-representing and staying just under the threashold of lieing about the VP policies on returns.

    Third: Take good notes. Make sure your account is closed and that they are not sending you any more product. Write down TIMES, DATES and NAMES of the individuals you are speaking too.

    Fourth: File “legitimate” complaints with the Better Business Buereau and the Federal Trade Commission. Although they pretty much care less about BBB and FTC the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is file a complaint with your CREDIT CARD company. The thing VP worries about the most is losing the ability for consumers to use VISA or other credit card companies for their product.

    **You as a consumer have a responsibility to report this your credit card company. If nothing more to help others from getting taken advantage of from these dubious tatics.

    Fifth: Be honest with your situation. Not all VP respresentatives are rude or un-willining to help. My experienence was with those dreaded call centers your directed to. It wasn’t until I sent an email and left voice mails with VP company directly…NOT WITH THE CALL CENTER.
    Use this URL:
    Goto the above website fill out the complaint form and call the 1-800 number TO video professor leaving them a message.

    I have so much more information that will assist people in an appropriate manner. I can’t image how people are getting “rolled”…I just want to help.

  47. I’m embarrassed to also be a “victim” of video professor’s sales tactics. I have a complaint into the Colorado BBB pending, but am not optimistic that I will get my money back.

    I ordered through one of those affiliate sites that promise a free gift if you keep taking surveys and “reviewing” companion offers. To make a long story short, I orderd a PowerPoint program from VP, thinking that I’d only be charged the $6.95 S&H as the offer appeared to be a trial one. I assumed that subsequent programs, should I desire them, would cost more.

    Here is my quibble: 1) I would never pay $189 for any computer learning program, when the same info could be had from a book for 20 bucks or from a modestly paid consultant for less than 100 bucks. and, 2) THe onus is on the customer to keep track of when the product is shipped so that those who want to return their order can do so with the 10-day timeframe their policy calls for.

    My feeling is, if your product is worth $189, tell us that upfront. Maybe saying “examine it for free for 10 days, and then if you’re happy with it, pay us the $189” would be a good alternative to what they’re currently doing.

    Funny thing is, though, if they were more above-board with their offers, I think sales would plummet, don’t you?

    Given the extraordinary number of complaints VP has received, why hasn’t the FTC stepped in?

  48. Don’t give VP your credit card information unless you want to be robbed. They will just keep billing you as long as they can. If you file for a return, they will give you back PART of your money after you jump through hurdles and wait. Avoid Video Professor! It’s a sham.

  49. Please people, inscribe this in your brain. If it says free, run the other way. If the cost sounds too low, run the other way. This will never be investigaged because the recipients of Sherer’s advertising money are just as crooked as he is. I hope there is a very special and painful place in hell for crooks like this guy and all his fellow travelers.

  50. i have just had the identical experience. VP charged me over $200.00, and did not refund a dime even though i returned all their material. class action fraud suit is the only thing i can think of. why hasn’t a hungry attorney picked up on this?

  51. While to “some” extent Ragnar is correct that people need to read the fine print.. many who have posted on your blog said even though they didn’t they did their best to resolve the problem through the customer support and could get no resolution. That is the crying shame.. ANY product is only as good as its customer support and refund policy and to not acknowledge their customers concerns will eventually cause a complete loss of credibility for the company which is very sad.

    You can have the best product, delivered to the right audience at the right time but if it is PERCEIVED that you are not honest in your delivery it will work against you.

    I believe the best products on the market have TRANSPARENCY with their customers, because if you are honest and the customer decides not to buy because of that honesty and the terms of your product then the product was not right for them in the first place and they still walk away happy for being able to make an INFORMED decision.

    Remember 1 person having a bad experience will tell 10 people about it (and with the internet.. well it travels) while 1 person having a good experience will only tell 1-2 people.


  52. You know who the real bad people are in this. The cable companies that enable them to solicit there false or misleading offers. The cable companies receives hundreds of complaints and know full-well that the Video Professor is a scam. They just keep playing the commercials and putting their paying customers at risk. Shame on both of them!!!!!!!

  53. I ordered it but I never received anything from Video Professor (I don’t think they send it certified mail). After getting charged the $189.95 lesson, I cancelled everything with Video Professor. They said they would credit everthing “within 3 weeks”. I immediately called my bank and disputed everything including the shipping charges. A week later they shipped another lesson and charged shipping again. I cancelled my card and am now disputing everything.

  54. I haven’t ordered from VP, and figured there was a catch to it. It’s funny though that VP gives about the same response that ILD Teleservices gives to post on websites. ILD Teleservices has been sued many times and also been accused by many posters by being a “scam” company. Just google ILD Teleservices to find out about them.

  55. CL, the same thing just happened to me. I ordered the CD’s because I had lost my job and thought getting better aquainted with Advanced Excel would help me. Well on the day it arrived I accepted a job. SO there it sits in the box….I went trhough all of my savings when unemployed and accepted a very very low paying job a few weeks ago so I have absolutely no money. I deposit some money in my bank account today and I am at a MASSIVE negative. I called the bank and got the number off of the charge. Imagine what I thought when I heard it was Video Proffessor!! WOW I have been duped! Anyway they were very nice and after much prodding agreed to refund my money. Well that doesn’t help me right this minute, but I am glad I am getting the money back. I do feel like a total idiot and very stupid! Deep down we all know nothing is cheap and these companies all have their little print in order to be deceptive….and yes we are FOOLS for not reading it or asking the right questions!

  56. “It looks to me that most of the complains are related to the 10 days return policy or s&h fee.(have you ever seen any ads that did not have it?)”

    No, Ragnar, not true. Read the complaints again. Are you just slow-witted or are you a shill for VP?

  57. I ordered Video professor, Excel on January 27th, 2009 at the cost of shipping of $6.95. I thought that the most they would charge me for the CD’s was $39.95. Imagine my surprise when on February 11th,a charge of $189 was taken out of my checking account. I called VP the same day to dispute the charges. They told me that if I sent them the CD back I would get my money back. They gave me an RMA number which I wrote on several locations of the package which I sent them via Fedex on February 13th with a next day delivery. They refused to accept the package. It ended up being rerouted through to our corporate office which is in another state since I used our company’s Fedex account. I got the package a week later. I called VP again and they told me that there was no one at their site to sign for the package and to go ahead and send it to them via regular mail. I resent the CD in the envelope as they suggested but with a delivery confirmation so I had proof that it was delivered which it was on on February 23. I called them on March 23 because I figured that enough time had passed and that I should have had my money back at that point. I spoke to a guy who told me that the credit had been approved and that it should show up on my account. Today is May 12th, I still have not recieved my refund and am not sure what direction to take at this point. The bank told me way back then that I should try to resolve it with them first. Which is what I have tried to do. Do not Fall for this scam. I have learned that “for the cost of shipping” could clean out your bank account if you are not careful.

  58. Well I wish I would have research this rip off before I became the next victim! $6.95 up front $189.95 on my card with no waring! $4.95 to return it! Now I get through to someone and they say send it back we will gladly refund your money! LOL Now they got it on the 8th it is now the 14th of May 2009 no money! I call same guy answers! Tell me policy is 21 working days! That a month! Now I have bills that will not wait because They have my money! No One should under Any case try this! They Are A Legal Con Artist! $201.85!!! For what? 1-800-519-4110 is their customer service number if anyone needs it!

  59. I had responded to a late night tv ad several years ago. Paid the $6.95 and kept the lesson. Was charged only $39.95. I never ordered subsequent titles although I was billed for them. When I complained I was told Every other title would be free. Ended up with 10 lessons before I canceled of which 5 were paid for. Had no more problems. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones. Stumbled upon the cpomplaints as I was trying to find a tutorial on correcting PC error problems. I’ll search elsewhere.

  60. I almost purchased it… called them up, gave them my address and cellphone number. But I had a feeling that kicked in and so i just googled VP and when I saw this website I stopped and told the guy (who was asking my CC number) that I did not want to proceed.

    I didn’t give them my CC number, but I was able to give them my name, address and cellphone number.

    Is there anything they can do with those info?


  61. What an eye opener, I am glad I searched before I ordered.

    Those who have been ‘caught’ by them, here is an idea to sorta get back at them. Check the licensing and fine print and when you are finished, if allowed, transfer the license and the copy to your local library so maybe some little bit of good could come out of their scam.

    Thanks for posting the problems, saved me!!!

  62. Like most of you I find myself in the same situation. $189.00 in charges even after I returned the product. I called VP and was promptly told they had not recieved the product so there was nothing they could do. After I told them I had confirmation from UPS that they had recieved the package, I was told it must have been a glitch in the system and would receive a refund in 10-15 business days. I called back a month later after my bank statement showed no credit and was told it would be expidited and I should have it in 5-10 business days. I called again yesterday and was told told it would be another 10-15 business days. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they were all busy. Then I asked to be transferred to the billing dept and was told it was another facility and she didnt have the number.
    At this point I feel fortunate to have a sister in law and brother in law that are attorneys and so they are looking into a class action suite against VP, if you arte interested in perhaps becomming part of the suite and are here in Ohio please email me at

  63. I purchased the 3 cd 10 day trial. Delivered with tracking on 06/01/2009. Had to call for RA number within 10 days of receipt to cancel and no further charges would be made. I used a small credit card I had that did not have enough available credit for the 189.95 charge. I called them on 06/09/2009 to cancel which was 8 days after receipt. I told nthe lady I wanted to cancel before they charged the 189.95 to my card and she said “there was a problem with your card and we weren’t able the charge the 189.95”. Therefore, they had already attempted to charge my card and I’ll bet it would have taken a very long time to get the credit applied back. They may be using peoples money to create interest for profit while holding the money as long as they can and I’m sure many people just give up and so they get to keep it all. Also if nthey hold it long enough how many of those people in this economy file bankruptcy and discharge it or go into credit card settlement and just forget about it as they will only be paying a percentage of the original charge.
    This is a very crooked way to do business with that big smile of his.

  64. A couple of months ago I ordered the FREE cd’s from VP and quickly got them in the mail just after I started a priority project and wasn’t able to view them for nine days. Little to my knowledge-they had to be returned in TEN days. I called after I realized that they had already charged my account for $189.95 PLUS the $6.95 for shipping and “handling”. For the past month I have been trying to get my refund which at first they said would be 21 day after they received the cd’s. Then they said it would be Twenty-one BUSINESS days until I received my refund. TODAY they said it would be up to TEN more days until I receive my refund. I urge you not to deal with these CROOKS. Nobody at VP knows how to contact the refund desk. $189.95+$6.95+ $8.40=$197+ I’LL STOP HOLDING MY BREATH.

  65. I just got scammed by VP and their “customer service” dept. seams to be nothing more than a “wear you down” dept. with no intention of serving their customers. They charged me $189 twice for their free CD’s. They say they will refund me for the second charge in 21-30 days and the first charge is being submitted with “no gaurantee of a refund”. They said they were e-mailing me a form to fill out (at that moment) but I might not get it for 4-5 days.

    Folks, don’t order from this company. They’re a bunch of crooks. I’m going to tell everyone I know not to use them and I hope you will too. The attitude of this company and it’s representatives is beyond belief. I promised them I would do everything possible to spread the word that they were a scam. I hope you’ll help me keep that promise.

  66. My question echos several earlier ones … If this is as sleezy as it appears to be, why hasn’t someone taken legal action by now?
    I must admit I’m disappointed to find out it’s a scam since I’d decided VP would be the easiest way to help my assistant brush up on her Excel skills. Given her professional and personal schedules, classes are not something that would work for her.
    My reasoning on the low price was that the training must be so good that people would order other training disc after their first experience. (I was considering PhotoShop myself.) Apparently that isn’t the case.

  67. Thanks for putting up this site. I saw the commercial on TV and was going to order some lessons for my folks. Not anymore.

  68. I was going to order the Video Professor product and then return all of it to get free virtual gold to my account at a different website. The VP ad said I would receive over 82,650 in virtual gold (that is a lot of gold and will buy a lot of nothing hahaa). So as I was filling out the form to order a free disk I read their policies and decided to check with Google. And am I glad I did!

    I ended up at this site. I understand no business is perfect. However, there are just way too many people with similar stories of being ripped off and having their money stolen from them not to believe it.

    And all along I thought this guy on the TV ads was sincere and honest hahahahaaa

  69. I took the bait. Believed this fatherly-looking gentleman would send me an essentially-free DVD to introduce me to his E-Bay instructions. Instead, my VISA card started showing up with $187. deductions. Called “headquarters” to stop these cleverly hidden costs. Hoping for the best. DVD’s were returned, but WHO KNOWS , dealing with these racketeers.


    1st. You need to read the “fine” print on VP’s web-site. It clearly says you will be billed the $189.95. If you are ignorant enough to sign up for something and NOT read the fine print, then you deserve to wait the 60 days they typically make people wait.

    2nd. Implied Consent. When you give VP or any internet based company you credit card number to purchase something they operate under the rule of “implied consent”. Simply put it means they can continue to bill you without notifying you. You gave the “consent” when you purchased the intial product. It will continue until you tell them verbally or even in written for to stop.

    3rd. No-one has email me yet for help. Read some of my previous posts from March of this year 09′. My email address is in it and I will help you get your money back within 3-5 days. NO FEE from me or anyone. I’ll give you the information and tell you what to say.

    I am not an employee of VP. I was just screwed by them on that 10 day view period they get so many people on. I was fully aware of the 189.95 charge. I just wanted to see it and send it back. The terrible experience was compounded by the “call-centers” that VP uses.

    You see I got very lucky and pleaded to one of the operators. I basically laid it out like this:

    **I’m leaving a lot out. Just wanted to put it in context.

    ME: I need my money back

    VP – Call Center: You have to wait 60 days.

    ME: How do you sleep at night knowing you’re screwing people over? How would you feel if your grand-mother got one of your programs and didn’t need it but was told to wait to get her $200 back?

    VP – Call Center: Sorry cant do anything.

    **After about 1 hour I got a call back from a cell number I didn’t recognize. It was that guy who was on a break that explained that whole scam to me.

    Let me help you guys. Send me an email at

  71. I am an attorney investigating a class action against VP. If anyone would like more information or is interested in joining as a plaintiff, please contact me at Thank you

  72. These scam artists lifted the S/H charge from my acct on 7/2/09 then apparently shipped a “free” package I never received. Then they charged a $189 whammy on 7/20 and another one on 8/11 (within 3 weeks of each other). I did not authorize these transactions and the rude jerk I got on the phone with said it’s too bad – we’ll refund the 8/11, but we won’t refund the 7/20 because it’s been 30 days since they shipped. Heh? The chargeoff was on 7/20 and I just found out they robbed me today (8/12/09) on my statement. I was like “WHAT??!!” For something I never received??? OMG! These people should be run out of business and/or class action lawsuits filed against these thieves! I, of course, disputed all charges with my bank. Snagged all over an online promotion, I also got plugged by a company called “Save Ace” for 2 pops of $29.95 a piece ON THE SAME DAYS because all of these scammers share credit card numbers! THAT’S OVER $500 including overdrafts! OMG! My acct overdrafted beyond belief! Now I disputed this with my bank – the bank is investigating, but I will eat the cost on a $30 overdraft EVEN if I get my money reimbursed by these online pickpockets! PLEASE be wary of online scammers like this. After doing plenty of research, I’ve found I’m not the only one…

  73. My experience is almost exactly as what Jason stated. I am still trying to get a refund.

    I thought that this was a “reputable” company. Unfortunately I did not check it out first. I am now finding every way I can to let others know about their (VP) practices and hopefully spare someone else this problem.

  74. I also was just ripped off by them. Thankfully, American Express caught the 189.95 charge and blocked it.

  75. I got scammed too. I just wanted the free Ebay DVD that they would charge the low cost shipping fee for and the lady on the phone talked me into trying all these other lessons for free for 30 days and if I send 1 DVD from each series within 30 days I can keep the rest for free! I said no I’m not really interested in anything else but being an unsavy consumer I thought, that guy on the commercial looks so honest ok. I got them April 28th and never had time to even look at the other DVD’s so I sent the 2 required dvd’s back on May 15th after calling the lady and getting the return numbers, way ahead of time. Low and behold I open my bill for August and find they have charged me for both the series I didn’t want and tell me I have to wait 21 to 30 days for a refund, 4 months after everything was returned! I finally talked to the credit card dispute lady, she cave me a conditional credit during the dispute and told me to close the account because I told her what I read on this blog so now I feel vindicated. My boyfriend who is a hacker says next time I want to try something free with a low cost “shipping fee” just use a prepaid visa card so they can’t get more then you want them to get out of your card.

  76. I am yet another victim of V.P.
    I have been majorly affected by the economy and while not being able to afford school, thought I would advance my education from an Excel CD from VP. I mean, it is free, right? I used two different credit cards to get Excel and Advanced Excel to prep for potential jobs. Literally three days after I received the CDs, I noticed two charges on my bank statement for $189 each. This threw me into overdraft and then after getting the runaround for weeks and weeks and weeks, have still not received anything. My bad budgeting is my own fault, but I am now so far behind that I won’t be able to make my rent this month – I am still fighting overdrafts every week and am going to have to borrow money. I spoke to a Diane at V.P., immediately after noticing the charges. I followed all her instructions and then called again to confirm receipt, which they did. After waiting for the obligatory 21 days, I called Sam on 7/22/09. After losing my patience and cool with him, I was then transfered to Rashan, who claimed he was a supervisor. Expediting my refund would take another 10-15 days. I actually asked him if he attended school and knew the definition of ‘expedite’!
    I then read to him the Merriam-Webster definition: 1 : to execute promptly
    2 : to accelerate the process or progress of : speed up.
    Basically what he was telling me was something he was probably told to tell everyone. I realized that they were NOT going to be giving me my money back any time soon. I called him an idiot and received an answer of my refund question – it will take 21-60 days. I also got a big “Negative” when I asked if I would be receiving the interest that they had accrued on my $378.00, while my refund was being ‘processed’! My gut tells me that this is a scam to collect interest – while not a lot of money on an individual basis, think of how many of us are facing the same problem and add up each persons interest… It isn’t a small amount now, I bet!
    Then on 8/5/09, I called again and spoke to Sheila, agent #3658. While she was still not helpful, she was very apologetic and didn’t know why I hadn’t received my money after 30 days. While I refuse to let a company like Video Professor bring me down, they are doing a heck of a job of trying! It isn’t even all financial – they are causing all kinds of unnecessary stress on not only me, but others! This isn’t healthy, or fair, and the fact that companies like this are taking advantage of people disgusts me. It fires me up too – can anyone tell?!
    That is my VP sob story – not unlike the many I have read on this site and a lot others.
    I do feel sorry for the CS reps at VP who have a conscience, because I know that I would feel horrible every time I had to tell someone that they wouldn’t be getting their money any time soon!

  77. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You All! — for your comments on VP. I have been toying with the idea of ordering the buying and selling on Ebay lesson for some time. As a matter of fact, I had planned on ordering it today. Then I decided to check out what others had to say about VP! I’m so glad that I did! Whew! You all sure saved me some headaches and heartaches. I am presently unemployed, there is very little money in my bank account — money which is earmarked for bills — and every dollar counts. The gas company does not care if I have been duped by VP. That’s my problem. The gas company wants their money! I would have had a major cardiac arrest if I went to check my account and found that I had been scammed out of what little money I do have by VP! I hope all of you who have been scammed get a favorable resolution to your troubles with VP. John Scherer should be locked up!!

  78. Has anyone else noticed how Video Professor monitors this website and will post comments to please “contact Video Professor first before filing any complaints so V.P. can try and resolve the problem first”? I’m sure that everyone who has posted and filed HAS tried that venue first and received the same “help” as I have…. NONE.

    I HAVE found a website that may help those, like myself, who are interested in possible filing a class action suit against Video Professor.
    I have already explained the situations that have happened to me and all of the others affected, and am waiting response. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
    The more that file with both places, the more attention it will bring to the practices of Video Professor!

  79. I too was scammed by the VP people and my suggestions is to immediately dispute the charge (mine was $189.95!) with your credit card company (in my case Amex) and then ask for a new account number to keep VP from trying to make charges to your again. Amex Fraud Dept was VERY suportive and cancelled the charge from my account and assigned me a new account number. I also plan to file an complaint with the Better Busines Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

  80. well I read all this and I dont agree with most of it. I did however get over charged and did work everything out as far as free stuff and good customer service. they even call back
    to make sure you get double your order if theres a problem.
    they are a little slow with refunds and overdraft charges for sending your account into the red. I am at the end of a dispute and so far they are co-operating fully. I will post the end result of the refund and overdraft charge as sooon as we get results..5 day thing.

  81. I too have been scammed I fear. I ordered what I thought was the Photoshop free version on line. They charged me the $6.95 immediately. The CD arrived… I didn’t look at it right away. Shortly thereafter they billed my card $180. I called and they informed me that I had ordered the full version… which I attempted to argue… Realizing that was fruitless I asked for a return authorization and a refund. they got me the return authorization right away and told me the refund would appear after a maximum of 21 working days. I called repeatedly during that time and was always told the same thing: “It’s in the system being processed.” Finally after roughly 25 working days I called and was told they would have to open an ‘advanced’ case and my refund would happen within 12 to 15 business days. Again I waited and again I got nothing. They have had my $180 since early June and I want it back! I just tried that 800-500 number on this post… we’ll see if they call back? I say we call the networks where they advertise… particularly FNC and have them investigate. This is horrible!

  82. Vido professor is cooooool!!! Give them your approval by waving your middle finger dudes & dudedeats! I like that bald headed profreaker remindes me of the rockafellas & rothchilders big time…………….so hand them over your credit cards so they can stay in their big residential homes of the coast of Bom Bay. Whoopee

  83. SSDD. Ordered “free” Excel software for only the price of $6.95 shipping. Box shipped on 12th, I picked it up at my post office box on the 21st. Got billed for $189.00 on the 23rd. I haven’t even had time to open the box yet.

    I am a single mom with 2 young boys on food stamps. If I don’t get that money back, my young boys are the ones who suffer for VP’s scam. I can’t afford $189 and I was never informed that it was even a possibility they would want more money out of me.

    I will report this tirelessly on every website, to VISA, the FTC, the BBB, and anyone else I think can help. I will also be complaining to any station or websites that displays or broadcasts their advertising.

    I would like to ask that everyone reading this page please do likewise.

    We all have a responsibility to report this everywhere we can, in order to protect other families and people from being victimized by these predatory scam artists.

    The crooks of the world have had their reign long enough. It is time for good people everywhere to FIGHT BACK!!!

  84. Seems to me that they teach QUITE WELL! I am SO SO glad i found this site, and read the post(s).

    I am not one to “buy” into ANYTHING that is a “subscription” without doing some pre investigating. Just using the term “subscription” infers that charges will be re-occurring. And NOT “call/cancel/ cut and dry”.

    Perhaps, if John W. Scherer, CEO of Video Professor,Inc.was “truly” interested in helping us to increase our earning capacity, he’d let us know how he seems to get away with what his company does. That way we’d know HOW to get away with scamming people. In this day and age, what he does seems (to me at least) to be nothing short of fraudulent business practises.

    I will not be purchasing ANY of his courseware, no matter how good it sounds. (and they DO make it SOUND good). I almost bought into it, and i thank God that i found this site, along with MANY others by simply Googling “video professor scam”.

  85. I’ve never ordered from VP, but my wife has had something similar happen to her. The only way we got the charges to stop was to cancel the debit card that it was ordered on. I’m surprised that the banks did not tell people this information. The only problem maybe that you may not get your refund, not sure about this, but it sounds like no one is getting a refund and still getting charged.

  86. I ordered their “trial” as part of an online offer from what I THOUGHT was a reputable site. I got a discount on an order in exchange for the VP deal. I thought I would just get it and send it back because I knew there was a catch, there always is. I did get my discount but needless to say I won’t be using that site anymore either. If they partner with these scum I don’t need to give them my business anymore. When I received the software I immediately began calling to try to get a return authorization. All their 800 numbers are recordings telling you to leave a message or your callback number. Three days and NO CALLBACK. What a shock. I haven’t been charged the $189.95 (yet) and I don’t plan to be. I already filed a dispute with my bank and put a stop on any further charges from VP. My next call is to the BBB and the Colorado AG’s office. Does anyone have their actual address to return this crap?

  87. Video Professor is definitely a Scam! I ordered what I thought was a free video, and without even opening the package or agreeing to purchase any others I was immediately charged $189. I returned the complete package, including the “free gifts” within 1 week of receipt, and 5 months later I’m still trying to obtain my refund. Their customer service is a joke, they keep you on hold forever, promise the refund, even acknowledge receipt of the returned item, but never deliver the promised refund. Don’t fall prey to this company, they are rip-off artists.

  88. I am VERY glad I found this page and all your comments. I just received my Advanced Excel CDs in the mail. I was all excited when I cracked open the package and saw the very professionally packaged discs and the printed letter congratulating me on the commitment I have for my education.

    I popped the disc in and started listening and thought… I wondering what others think of these lessons. I Googled a few terms to try to get opinions about the lessons. Lo and behold… $189.00 ?!?!? It was the recording from A. Rebel’s call that really did me in. I’ve already called and left my number. For $189.00, I can buy more books than I can carry on learning Excel.

    I’ll be sure to record my call in case I have any problems. I am a seasoned Web Developer, so getting it up on the Web won’t be a problem for me. Hopefully, you all will not be hearing from me again, but I wish you all luck in both getting your refunds and putting these scammers in their places.

  89. I went on the website to order an Excel CD. It listed a low price and an order button right below it. I clicked on the order button and bought the CD. I then got a larger bill. When I complained to the rep, he yelled at me for not reading the whole web page.
    Apparently, if I had scrolled past the order button, I would have found out they were going to charge me a whole lot of more money.

    And then they try to shut down their critics.

    I’ve had enough of this.

  90. You know ppl. If you just happened to stop at a pay phone to call that 800 number it is free for you and they also have to pay a premium to the ppl that own the phone so in total it might cost them $2.00 for that 1 phone call to the customer service number. I think I will have to call them back to ask questions. Like once a day. Opps what did they tell me? Darn I have to call back.

  91. I as well was caught in this scam. My BAD. paid the 6:95 and then had $189.95 taken out of my debit account.called to find out what was going on and they said i should have read the fine print better.These people are scabs.They should be shut down.we all should post warnings on every blog,chat site,game site,if you can post it in your local paper like i am going to do.This kind of business needs to be your better business bureau and report them.If you have other ideas please share them.

  92. Whether this is Video Professor or some scam on how to fly a kite, there is definitely a problem. There should be something done to stop these people from sending you some free thing with s/h costs then telling you that you that you will be sent other stuff, whatever it is, and be charged for it, if you don’t call them back and tell them not to send it.
    The person could call them back if they want anything else sent to them after they view the first merchandise. These scams count on people forgetting that this is going to happen and most people do forget it. That is not appropriate to do that to people. I bet you can not find one single person that appreciates this happening to them. I have a friend that has just gone through the harrassment with Video Professor’s Customer service . They were very rude to him when he kept telling them over and over that he did not want anything else sent to him at all, they became down right hateful to him and hung up on him.

    I do not know if Video Professor material is worth a hoot or not, but if it is, Video Professor should check out his customer service people and their attitudes. Maybe it is how they make their money, but the reputation of this type of service is getting widely known and it won’t be long until Video Professor will be swept under the rug and be a thing of the past. The general opinion is that most everyone feels that the whole program is a complete rip off anyway.

    I’m glad that I haven’t been taken in with this service, but I’m very sorry for my friend. I know he thinks like I do, and does not take lightly to being cheated out of his money.

  93. I ordeered video proffessor and called for a return confermation # 7 days after recieving the package. They told me that they had already charged my credit card over one hunred dollars as the 10 day grace period started the day they shipped it, i would not accept this and asked to talk to the supervisor. When she came back on she did give me a confermation return #, and said my account would be credited 21 days after they recieved the disks. I took it to USPS and paid the shipping back. I’LL BE WAITING

  94. I have been taken by video professor. They misrepresent their product and the guidelines for receiving it. Why can’t they be straight forward. I have been taken for 189.00 for something I never used or opened. Reading the fine print is an understatement. If you want to be taken order from them or better yet just call there “customer care” they are even worse.


  95. Purchased Video Professor for Windows, called on the phone and so was supposed to receive Excel for free. Received Windows but never Excel. Contacted them and they were supposed to send it. Was charged $189.95 for the Windows set.

    Next thing I know there is another charge, for something I did not order, for another $189.95. After calling they said that I had signed up for the auto ship plan, which I did not, but if I returned the item I would certainly be refunded.

    Mailed it back with delivery confirmation, it was delivered to them on 9/18/09. Called on 10/5/09 to see why my account had not been credited, told they were showing it as received on 9/21/09 and it would be 21-30 days before the refund would be given. I asked why so long and why I had never received the Excel CD, my FREE cd, and was told since I had ordered online and not over the phone I was not eligible for the free CD. I told the agent I had called in and spoken to a Male agent to place my order not online. No matter, what she had in her records was all they go by. I asked to speak to a Manager and was on hold for 10 minutes before I eventually just hung up.

    The scam goes on people, be careful.

    I am just trying to decide if I should dispute the charge or wait until the 21st to call again.

    Has anyone actually received a refund from them?

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  96. I was going to purchase this at request of my grandmother. I googled “Video Professor”. The first 3 pages consist of “Video Professor: Biggest Scam EVER”, “Is Video Professor a scam???/?” etc etc etc….

    Thank goodness for Google. Thank goodness for blogs like this.

    Though I am curious on how good the actual product is… but not enough to potentially put up with the stuff described here.

  97. I ordered the “free” lesson and did return the additional lesson within the ten days along with cancellation of future purchases.

    However, Video Professor continued to send me additional “lessons” while nailing my credit card for $60 more each time. I had to enter a dispute with my credit card company to get them to stop making unauthorized charges to my credit card.

    After that, I will NEVER, NEVER give Video professor my credit card information!!!

  98. Thanks for this website and I was going to order a free CD, but now that I’ve heard of all the problems, there is no way that I care to do business with them.

  99. Folks, you can call your bank and have them stopped, EASILY. Without charge by the way….almost every bank does this. If you have told them to stop, it then becomes fraud, stealing. But it has to be in writing. Same goes for refunds…IN WRITING (email or receipt/mail). If you have done these things, you are entitled to money back. You can also contact FCC and file a complaint; if enough calls or letter go through about the same company, they investigate…I know this personally as I helped them crack down on a mortgage company who was thieving money from people. Don’t get mad, get even. Let the justice system do their job, get informed and inform the right folks. He’ll be stopped. Cheers!

  100. I ordered a disc, as an offer on fb, 6.95 no loss, i go on a bahamas criuse and when I went to pay my tab i couldnt because they charged my account 180.00 twice. i called there # and all I get is an answering machine, I will spend every sec I get to campain the demise of this outrages biz practice, jeff kolbe

  101. one good way to mess with these people is to complain to the services allowing there ad gimmicks like facebook, i’m sure repitable services like fb ect do not want the black eye, lets make several cause pages and so forth campaining against these devils Jeff Kolbe

  102. Yeah I’ve been had as well. They never said anything about charging almost 200 bucks. If I ever catch em around I will take my money by force.

  103. is a much better?and LEGiTiMATE?option. You really get what you pay for there, no rip offs, no scams. File Mr. Video Professor where he belongs: under “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.

  104. I guess misery loves company: I also was mislead by Video Professor and the offer of “Free CDs.” By the time I realized what was going on, Video professor had charged my credit card over $400. A far cry from Free or $6.95 for shipping and handling. Frankly, what’s at work here is good old fashioned greed coupled with the P.T. Barnum’s line “There’s a sucker born every minute” In my opinion, John Scherer wants the brass ring right now and is willing to twist facts and mislead people in order to get it. I say shame on Video Professor and kudos to Jon Payne for hosting this website. I hope others will read these postings and avoid this rip-off.

  105. an “seo professional” talking about scams? pot calling the kettle black don’t you think?

    seo is a scam, and is ruining the internet.

  106. I regret ever getting involved with these people- I recieved an box with the free CD and approx 1 month later 1 recieved another box with anothr lesson- I have a company to run and very little time for un requested materials – I let the box stay unopeneded in a corner and noticed the second month on my credit card there was as a $79.00 charge – reviewing the first month of the original order – there was the $6.95 SH and further down another $79.00 I immediately called their number and got a young lady who tried to insist I auth these fees – I asked for a supervisor and was told one was not available – I asked for the Legal Address their organization operated from- no answer available – I asked for the states Attorney General upon who’s authority they answer to – didn’t have one – I demanded that the girl issue a pickup on both boxes – and I turned off the credit card and asked for another account – I advised my Bank Card of the misrepresentations – If it walks like a Duct – well you know the rest – Everytime I see this guy on TV I switch the channel – I am available for participation in sworn testestimony if anyone wants to shut this guy down.

  107. What I find interesting is that the Denver Better Business Bureau gives the company an “A” rating:

    While they have 1045 complaints on file, which is a lot, the report shows 1005 as “resolved”. I am guessing that the company must be working to maintain their BBB rating as they show the BBB link on their front page….

    File a complaint with the BBB via their WWW site if you feel you have been cheated.

    If you have gone that route, what was your experience?

  108. I had a similar problem when I ordered a “free trial ” offer on a vitamin product. I was to pay only shipping charge. I was later charges $79.00 .I send back all future products sent to me that I did not order and took months to get my refund.Also went to a site offering to let you design a “free” website. After I answered a few questions I was required to enter my credit card # before I could even view any designs. What a scam. Why do they advertise “FREE” and then want your credit card # before giving you anything to see.

  109. I ordered this product supposedlyu everyone else paid 6.95 for s/h. I paid 9/95 and was supposed to also receive a “free camera” also. I received a product with which I was unimpressed. NEVER received the camera and I was also charged the surprise $189!!! How do they get away with this??? I will NEVER, EVER order from this company again and would advise consumers to BEWARE!!!

  110. Update: 11/02/09
    Called my bank and was transferred to the disputes dept. They are aware of the fraudulent practices of this company. I too spoke with a customer svc. rep of Video Professor and was spoken to in a condescending manor. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that only “one” was available and I could hold. Waited 23 min. and was given the run around. Thiscompany should have it’s business practices investigated by the FCC. Visa should also cancel all dealings with them as well,IN MY OPINION. I truly am sorry that I ever logged onto their website because this should not have to happen to ANY of us. I will be more careful in the future when doing business online using my information. I plan on joining the class action suit as well as, reporting them to my local BBB.

  111. The business model is unethical and should be illegal. I went through the process without too much financial pain; but the process was made deliberately painful by Video Professor. I also had my doubts that the offer was legitimate, and that made me read the small print carefully.

    The only way to request a refund was to call a telephone number; with access times that made it difficult to do that from home in CA. Once through, it was clear from talking to the rep that their job was to process refund requests. That says it all really.

    It’s a Scam. Don’t be conned. Training is available at your local library for free.

  112. I am a mother with 10 children I ordered a CD from Video Professer that was suposed to be $9.99. I made this order in September, November 1st they charged my master card for $189.95. When I called to find out what this was I got a young man on the phone saying I apologize but we can’t give no refund we will reship and send a free lesson. I don’t want a free lesson or a reshipment I need my money back. If I had any idea they were going to take the $9.99 and then charge me $189.95 a month later I would have never made that order. I was trying to explain this to them on the phone but no will listen its like they just have the right to take my money. Is there any way I can get my money back and I swear I will never order anything or listen to anything Video Professer has to offer or say and will recomend to any one not to order anything from them. I am a mother of 10 like I said I can’t afford to give them $189.95 of my money and it seems like they are ok with just robbing people that is the way I see it. They robbed me of $189.95 does anyone know of a way I can get my money back I am constintly calling and leaving messages and emailing them I have not gotten any response back. Please I need my money.

  113. I ordered this product as a gift and it was not received by the giftee. 3 weeks later after my credit card was charged $189.00 I was told I had to wait 30 business days for a refund. I contacted my credit card company and requested a refund based on no product received. What a scam. What are they doing with all the money?

  114. Sept 28th I read the fine print… October 1st I received my package. That night I contacted VP and told them I wanted to cancel my account. I did not want the disks. I was asked why? Didn’t I want to keep the free disks? I said NO. I told her that I didn’t want to mess with anything that could cost me 189.95 when it was supposed to be free. I told her I would return the entire package. She gave me a return authorization number. I wrote it on the box. I wrote refused on the package and took it to the local post office. The post office scanned it in the system as REFUSED and then RETURN TO SENDER. November 1st I noticed that on October 27th VP charged my credit card $189.95. I called and asked why would they do that when I had done everything they asked. I was then informed because I did not pay return postage the Postal Service would not let them “have” the package… I paid almost $10.00 to have it shipped to me. I could have had it shipped 2x Priority mail for that price. I told them I worked for the postal service and was immediately put on hold for about 5 minutes. When the CSA returned she stated a supervisor would review my call and if the original CSA told me “I did not need postage” they would remove the charge. I then went to my bank filed a complaint and disputed the charge. I should have known better and you can put money on what my opinion will be about this company in the future.

  115. A scam. BBB didn’t help much. What did help was that when I returned the merchandise within 10 days, I got a proof of mailing. VP kept claiming that I did not return the merchandise on time, even after I sent them a copy of the Certified Mail receipt! Eventually my credit card co. resolved the matter. But it took A LOT OF TIME.

  116. I ordered Excel for my girlfriend an received 3 cd’s instead. I didn’t even open the package, I just gave it to her. A week and a half later there was a charge of $189 in my debit card. I called my bank and told them I never ordered the damn thing. My bank cancelled the charge and issued a new debit card. A few days later I received an email from VP that the charge was denied by my bank that I needed to give them a new number and/or return the merchandise. I chose to scam the scammer, kept the merchandise free or charge. They haven’t bothered me again.

    Also beware of the “tooth whitener invented by a housewife”. It’s a scam from one company masquerading as two separate organizations.

  117. I just purchased video professor, I did read all the fine print and I was aware of the charges if I did not return the lessons within the 10 day trial. I think it is safe to assume that most people will take advantage of the trial system hoping to learn everything within those 10 days only to return it and not get charged…it is a common practice amongst common folk and if you try to beat the corporate system you will only get burned. How ever!! I never did receive my package and the 10 day trial is over, now my account has been charged, this happened to day. So I gave them a call, I did speak with some one and did not have to wait long at all!! “Apparently” they did not have the right shipping address but I do remember a rep calling me to fix that the next day after I purchased the product. I assume it is a way to go past the 10 day trial period without having to formally file a refund through their system which will now take a while to process. The rep did NOT try to sell me anything and she DID work with me and even offered a free digital camera with additional software at no charge. She DID ask me if I wanted to keep my account active or if I wished to close it in order to prevent any additional charges to my account so of course I decide to terminate. Like I said, I did all of this just TODAY, we’ve yet to see what happens within the next 3 to 5 business day…I’ll keep you guys posted.

  118. I just got ripped off $189 by the website because I didn’t read the fine print. Do not buy video professor.

  119. Well VP got me too. This morning I discovered a $189.90 charge to my credit card for their Quicken training. Yes I too signed up for their “free offer” just paying the shipping and handling. And no I did not see any obvious language that said I’d be charged $189.90 after 10 days.

    Once I called them and told them I would never have ordered it had I known the true cost, they gave me a return authorization number and an address to return the discs to. Of course it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get the refund but I guess that’s my punishment for falling for a “too good to be true” offer. Shame on me.

    I just noticed David Delnay’s post. Guess I’ll call back and make sure I’m not on a recurring ship plan. What a pain.

  120. From the VP website.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ANY TWO of the three computer tutorial CD-ROMs are yours free without further obligation, PERIOD. Take 10 days to decide if you want to keep the complete set of CDs. After your 10-day free trial, if you decide to keep the complete set, we’ll conveniently bill your credit card just $289.95. Or simply call our customer care number at
    1-800-519-4110 if you decide to return any one of the lessons. You will be charged nothing more and get to keep two computer learning CD-ROMS! You can also return everything within 10 days and receive a full Shipping and Processing refund upon your request. Click here to learn more about this offer.

    *Pay up to $9.95 USD for shipping & processing.

  121. I won’t go into the details of what happened…suffice to say I ordered the free trial of Exel so some of our employees could learn to use it. Needless to say…My card was hit for $189.00 before i ever recieved the disc. It has been three months now since this all happened and still no refund. I just had a conversation with the Missouri Attorney Generals Office they are launching a full investigation into VP. Can I survive the loss of money? Yes, but it really makes me ill to see such liars and thieves continueing to abuse the public. Class Action law suits will be forth coming if what I was told by the Attorney Generals Office…These people need to be punished for their “business” practices. Please contact your states AGO and pursue VP to the ground.

  122. So I ordered the free trial of VP, but get this. I never even received it! It never came in the mail, and I never even set eyes upon it.

    But of course, I got charged $6.95 (twice for some reason) and $189.95 for the CDs. $189.95 for a CD lesson about HTML?! Bill Gates himself would probably come give me an hour lesson for that much money! It’s ridiculous.

    But being the idiot that I am, I figured that the product had simply not arrived yet… until I got a VP package in the mail for Identity Protection. Confused by this, I called VP and found out that this is their SECOND shipment. I also found out that this constituted ANOTHER charge of $189.95 on my credit card. $400 dollars for some bs CDs??! Really?

    I was able to return the Identity Theft one (refund still pending after 2 months, obviously), but they refused to refund me for the first HTML product which I never received, saying that it was returned outside the 30-day trial period. So now they have my $200 AND they have my HTML CDs sitting in their warehouse (which my $200 supposedly paid for). And….. I have nothing. How does this make sense?

  123. Thanks to all of you for your honest input about VP. I was just about to order from VP and decided to do a little research on it. Thank God I did!!!! You all saved me from disaster!! I can’t believe this rip-off is still being broadcasted on T.V. Why hasn’t anything been done about this, when there is so much evidence that this is an obvious scam??? Thanks Again and good luck to all of you !!!

  124. Video Professor is definitely a scam and has been from the very beginning. In 2000 I ordered one of his FREE DVD’s just to see would it teach me a thing or two. However, it didn’t because that particular disk was for downright pc beginners. Getting to my point…I was Not satisfied with his product…I called and sent it right back…his baldheaded as@#! would not and did not do a single thing as he stated he would. Instead, he billed my credit card for $50.00 and I never got it back. He kept sending DVD’s and I kept sending them back and contacted my credit card company and informed them not to bill me for anything related to that ripoff as#@! company. Please do NOT even waste your time with him.

  125. Definitely a ripoff. The sad part is that the CD package you get IS actually good, and maybe even worth the money, but it’s definitely not clearly indicated that you will be charged. I canceled my credit card and went to my bank’s fraud department to get refunded.

  126. They got me 2x $189.and $6.95. I am in the military and was out of town when I received the boxes. They charged my account $386.85 from 11-4-2009 to 11-19-2009. I WISH I WOULD OF SEEN THIS SITE BEFORE I ORDERED THE CD’S. I AM GOING TO FILE COMPLAINTS BUT IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE IT WILL DO ME ANY GOOD.I thought the BBB was in business to help us not back con artists.

  127. I am so frustrated. I order what I thought was a VP CD on how to learn Access, in a few days I got the package but never opened it as a friend told me that it did not teach you anything. Before I could call them I received another CD (which I did not order) and immediately called them asking why I was sent this other one. I looked at my credit card account and to my dismay; they had charged me $189.95 and $6.95 twice. I called them and they were trying to reduce the cost; I told them NO….I want my money back. They told me to send the CD’s back within 10 days and they will credit my account. I called 30 days later and they acknowledged receiving the CD’s but said that it will take 30 days for my refund….that was September 10. I have called several times and keep getting the run around… (It is 30 business days/you will be refunded in 3 days/ have patience, et al).
    Today is November 24 and I called them….I was forwarded to a supervisor who said he was going to “investigate it”. They came back and said I was due the refund and they are “escalating” it and will take 10-15 business days. WTF!!!!!
    I need to log a complaint. Why are they keeping my money this long? Is it worth gaining interest on my money?
    Someone calm me down..Please!!!!!

  128. I ordered the video Professor and after reading some of the material that came with the c.d. r.o.m.s I realized that if I did not return the cd’s that I would be charged $189.98 and I would receive more videos the next month. I returned the video and was still charged the $189.95 to my debit card. I called the number for Video Professor that I found on this website and I received a full refund within 2 business. The woman, Daisy, on the phone was very professional and courteous.

  129. I just stumbled on your website, by accident really. I was looking for video professor’s website. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, so I read on. I have seen lots of businesses do what you described, so I didn’t immediately rule out what you wrote. Then I went to Video Professor’s website. They do send you three CDs, and you do pay $6.95. They do charge you full price for the third CD if you don’t return it within 10 days. This is all true. However, the part about fine print is false. Within 30 seconds, I saw a link that said “How it Works”, and it explains all of this quite clearly. It’s possible they just added this link, but I kinda doubt that. If this is their business model, it would be financial suicide to hide that from the consumers. I am pasting the link below. I really want to learn MS Access, and I think their product will help me. I hope I’m not wrong. I’ll let you know… Ok – here’s the link:

    Oh – someone posted that you can call your bank and have the charge reversed. I work in the ACH department of a major bank. Yes, you can have it reversed. **BUT** if you paid by electronic check, you must sign a Written Statement Under Penalty of Perjury (WSUPP). This means that you SWEAR, under penalty of PERJURY, that you did not AUTHORIZE the charge (or the amount). This will be a false statement, since you DID authorize the charge. Instead, I recommend using a credit card (not a debit card) if you think you may need to dispute the charge. Banks do NOT make guarantees of customer satisfaction through ACH! Banks are bound by “NACHA” rules and they have little or no wiggle room on this matter. Some may make these guarantees through their credit cards. Check your cardholder agreement before you do this!!!

  130. let y’all know i got scammed by them too and charged 89 bucks on top of 6.95 and called though relay service asking them to refund after i sent back all cds and i got back full refund , my idea is not use real cc and use cash to buy a prepaid visa card for the amount only and they will be stuck not able to charge above the amount it has worked for me with other company period! by purchasing prepaid visa card with cash removes any link to your real card so don’t use your real cc to buy prepaid visa card!

  131. thanks for tthe information. i was going to purchase from, video professor but after reading all these complaints i’ve definitely changed my mind. Although they may just be trying a marketing scheme, it is still unethical and i dont like it.
    So i wont buy. thansk to you

  132. i dont think the commercials are misleading at all, i think people are just stupid in general. i was taught nothing in life is free and i normally expect something too good to be true normally is. all the tv commercials ive seen say, they first one is free and after that you will be shipped others at a cost, return the ones you dont want and only pay shipping and handling. im not saying video professor is a good company and ill describe my experience with them. my boss wanted one of their “learning lessons” so i called up to order. i wanted a specific lesson. instead of letting me get my specific lesson, the solution from the customer service rep was for me to sign up for their service, and wait month after month until the lesson i wanted showed up, paying for each one of the lessons i didnt want until i got the one i did. now, i could suspect that they probably put the lesson i wanted at the bottom of the ship list, but i wont speculate that far. rather than signing up for their service and getting my free learning lesson, minus shipping and handling for which unlike you other idiots, i would have cancelled the service, i consulted a torrent site to get my “free” learning lesson. its as broad as it is long. sorry mister usps for cutting you out of the loop. blame it on the video professor and his shady business practices (not commercials). now, for older folks who want to know all the stuff about computers with monthly lessons rather than going to a local community college and spending money for classes, its probably a good idea. for those of us who want specific learning needs and training for our employees, its not such a good idea.

  133. I agree that this scam is a problem. I have overdrafted a closed checking account in the tune of $200.00 and now face penilty and fines and maybe jail time.

  134. I too was ripped off by Video Professor’s tactics. I ordered one program with the understanding that that was the only program I wanted and would not be receiving any more. However, after being charged for that one program, a few weeks passed and I was charged $189.95 plus shipping for two programs I never received or ordered. After playing the excuse game with Video Professor for over 2 months, I decided to take action. I filed complaints with the BBB, FTC, and FCC. Within a few days I had my money back.

  135. In Sept 2009 my business partner used our company debit card to order a Photoshop Lesson. When he got it and realized it had nothing to offer him, he immeditately returned the product. He called Video Professor and informed them he was returning the product. Not only did the refuse to accept the shipment when it arrived at their door before the 10 days had expired, but they then billed our debit card $189.95. My Partner called and requested a refund and was told he would receive it in about 10 days. Not only did he not receive it, but we were charged an additional $6.95 and received another product, which was quickly returned followed by another phone call to VP. We have been in conversation with them over and over again requesting this refund, however, it has never been applied. Now, last week, we were hit again with another $189.95 charge to our business account.

    After another phone call, we recieved an email from Video Professor stating that they owed us a refund. Any guesses on how long it will be before we see any money or how many more times we will be charged?

    I have had it. I am contacting an attorney to see if there is any legal way to pursue this.

  136. DON’T order the Video Pro(scam)fessor!!
    Aug-25th ordered $6.95 CD.
    Sept-8th charged $189.95. (10 business days later)
    Sept-14th received CD. (20 days after ordering)
    Have called to resolute dispute with VP once a week for 3 months now. They’ve used every tactic in the book.
    Called BOA and filed fraud.
    Dec-15th still waiting for refund……………

  137. Thanks for all the information.Saved me some money. I was going to order from them. NO WAY NOW!!! Makes me sick that they can get away with it. Hope all these comments puts them out of business.

  138. This is the worst scam ever. I ordered a CD in October 2009 for the shipping charge of 6.95 and a few days later I was billed for 189.95 on my CC. I sent the 6.95 CD back and requested for my 189.95 to be refunded. They received the CD back on November 6th. I called them and was told that the 189.95 would be debited back to my account within 21 -30 days, which should have been December 7th or December 18th. I have contacted them constantly and have recieved no satisfaction. Spoke with them on the December 18th and now I’m told it will take another 10-15 days to be debited back into my account.!!DO NOT ORDER FROM THE COMPANY!! IT’S A SCAM!!

  139. They are very bad people took me for $400.00 , had to cancel my credit card to shut them out just a scam i got burned

  140. I have just completed another call in an attempt to get a refund from Video Professor for some eBay CDs. The first one was sent in September and delivered to the wrong address. I was not aware of the error until I saw the money deducted from my PayPal account.

    Video Professor was of absolutely no assistance in helping me track down the order. I had to do this on my own because no signature was required when the delivery was made. I tracked down the order and located it in mid-November by going house to house in my neighborhood.

    A second set of CDs (Advanced eBay) was sent out. I was not aware that a second set of CDs would be sent. I thought that this was my first set of CDs. More money was taken from my PayPal account on 11/2/09.

    I called Video Professor on 11/3/09 and was informed that the second set of CDs was part of my original order. I protested but did not receive any satisfaction.

    I returned both sets of CDs and they were received by Video Professor on 11/30/09. No credit was made to my account. I called Video Professor on 12/21/09 and was informed that time had run out and no refund was available.

    They had received the returned merchandise with no acknowledgement to me that I could not receive a refund ($189.95 times 2). They planned on keeping the merchandise and my monies.

    It’s like getting screwed for $400.00 and not even getting a kiss.

  141. Dec 29th,2009 I just spoke with daisy from vp,she swears we will have this taken care of. we have been waiting since oct 09 to receive our money back. they too charged us with $189.00 and we sent back the cd in oct,like the women said to do, After a month past my husband called and ask what was going on, the lady was very rude, by the time the conversation was done he was screaming at her as she was him. If we do not get our money back within the 5 days from today, i will be contacting BBB as well as my attorney..WHATEVER YOU DO,DONT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

  142. Ordered from them today, because I need to learn Excell to help my dad with his company. And then I found this website. I feel like an idiot now, of course, but I’m canceling my debit card first thing in the morning. Hopefully they’ll mail it before they realize the card was canceled, because I’d love to rip them off in return.

  143. Thank you for these posts. I must be smarter than the average bear, I didn’t have to read all the posts to see this is a huge scam. (I was being somewhat ironic, but I do know some people that would go ahead and order even after reading this, thinking they could beat VP’s system).

    I was getting ready to order from VP and googled “video professor” and “video professor scam” came up. And wow, thank you for all the time and aggravation.

  144. I wish I had found this site before I ordered. The day they received the disk back, I received a charge on my card the next day. Everytime I call about my refund I get the run around. Now I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back. If I do not hear from them or get my refund I will be calling the BBB and I will fight to get my money back. If anyone I know even thinks about ordering from them I will oin slap them. They are the worse company out there.

  145. Found it online, paid 6.95 for shipping. Just got a charge fee on my statement for 389.95. Not 70 dollars, I’m extremely confused… About to call wachovia/find out what the hell is going on. DO NOT BUY IT. It’s a scam!

  146. I fell for the same scam. Bought something at BestBuy and got an email from BestBuy offering deals for CD’s etc. Video Professor was one of them. For $6.95 you could get a free CD of your choice. So I ordered one and found a $289.00 charge on my credit card. Called VideoProfessor on the number they gave me. No answer. Called my credit card company and they got right through on a conference call. So I’m sendingthe CD’s back and getting a full creidt. The Videoprofessor rep’s comment was obviously I did not read their terms of service. Which I must say I did not not after the first prargraph, however I pointed out to him the that the price usually is not buried in ten pages of mumbo jumbo. To top it off they sent the wrong CD. Anyway my credit card company resovled it for me.

  147. Just researching Video Professor before I make a purchase. Noticed that everything is clearly spelled out on their website. Seems like the people that are complaining about Video Professor are uneducated consumers. Buyer beware, always research your purchase before making it. Video Professor clearly tells you that you receive 3 CD’s and if you do not return the 3rd one you will be billed $389.95. No scam here, just poor business practice. They have a Better Business Bureau rating of A.

    People be honest, is the product any good?

  148. Billed Sept 29 for 9.95 shipping
    Billed October 13 for 189.95 for cds(which was before my 10 days was over).
    Returned October 14th with delivery confirmation
    Was delivered to Video Professor October 16
    Called Video Professor and they said they didn’t get them until the 19th.
    Spent many days on the phone for my refund.
    Asked countless times for a supervisor to call me, and they never did.
    Finally called my bank to report fraud.
    Video Professor finally retuned my money Jan 4 (almost 3 months later!).
    They didn’t refund the shipping which they were also supposed to do, and which is written in their policy.
    My bank covered that… and will continue the investigation.
    My advice – don’t order from them!! They’re a terrible company with even worse customer service.
    To anyone who has dealt with them, and has not yet recieved their money… make sure you write down the persons name and number who told you your product was returned (and when). Call your bank, and let them handle it. Mine did a wonderful job. Oh yeah… and NEVER return a product w/o delivery confirmation.

  149. I ordered Advanced Excel over the Internet hoping to improve my spreadsheet abilities. The package arrived with a “gift” and the enclosed card stated that if I wasn’t interested in keeping the gift I could return it. It also mentioned something about contacting them to keep additional CD’s from arriving, which I did. Nowhere do I recall seeing anything about my CC being billed $189.95 if I decided to keep the “gift”, but I found out 10 days later when a check bounced due to insufficient funds that that’s what their scam is. I immediately called and explained that I had cancelled the account immediatally, so why the charge and found out only then that the $189.95 was for te 3rd cd (MS Access)that they elected to send me for my review, even though I never asked for it. That was 10/26/09. After much discussion I received a “RA #” (Return Authorization #) and was told that I’d get my money back after I returned the 3rd cd. I sent it back the same day. I called a few weeks later and was told that they got it back on 11/11/09, but it takes 21-30 days for you to get your money back. Ah-hah! I called back on 12/11/09, 30 days after they told me they received the cd back, since I still hadn’t received my money and was then told that it takes 21-30 BUSINESS days. Ah-hah again. It had however been 23 business days, so the guy on the phone assured me that I’d have the money boack the following week. Here we are on 1/05/09 and I just got off the phone with VP CS again. The last guy I spke with forgot to have my file pulled and sent to corporate, but the lady I spoke with today is going to do that so I should have my money in 3-5 days. I’m still waiting on the call back from the supervisor that I asked for today, since this is the 2nd time I’ve been told I’ll have my money back next week. John Scherr should be as ashamed of himself as I am embarrassed of myself. To take advantage of hard working people that are trying to improve themselves so they can make more money, by scamming them out of their money shoould land his butt in jail. He tries to make it sound like he’s doing this for the consumer, but I can assure you he’s not. IF it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a CS manager in real life, I don’t know if I would have gone to this much effort without giving up by now. I would love to see a Class-action lawsuit. Contact me. I still have all of my paperwork and mailings. Avoid VP at all costs. It’s not worth it.

  150. I have been scammed by these crooks the same way charged my card 189.95 + the 9.95 for s&h lol i called em and they said would be credited back im still waiting, make sure to cancle your account as they will keep deducting the 189.95 from your account monthly guys . 🙁 makes me sick really. good luck all .

  151. I got sucked in by the offer to test a “free Mac Laptop” and having to look over page after page of offers to try out.

    I sent the box back same day, after realizing it was not what I would use, but there was no invoice on or in box, and thought nothing more about it until 1/12/10 when found out there was a pending debit card withdrawal for almost $300.

    I called the bank, and was told that $289.95 had also been deducted on 12/23/009. I called the number she gave me, and got the run around, told that I couldn’t have the Dec money back, as was over 30 day time limit. Called back, another number and told that it was a 10 day limit to review, and when told him had sent it back same day, was told that “the 10 days started day it was shipped,” pointed out that 7 days elapsed just in shipping time. Then was told I hadn’t called for a confirmation number/authorization # is what he must have meant, told him saw nothing about one being needed.

    He said it was in booklet. I told him that all I saw in booklet was how to install CD in computer. He said that is where it is. Well, if it is, it isn’t very obvious, which means they don’t want it to be.

    Also, in checking out different ways to get to their site, it appears there are several different $$ and time frames going on at once. I called again, and was told that it is a 30 day time frame to return, and that started on the day it was received, so different story in each call.

    I filed with BBB, CO Attorney General, FTC and am talking to an attorney tomorrow.

  152. They have gotten me now for just over $600.00 in three weeks, and took the 2nd payment AFTER I had told them I had canceled on Dec 15th, but they sent out another box, and say that they don’t show getting returned box(es).

    I was offered 1/2 of the money back IF I would sign something saying I agreed to the settlement, and THEN they would send my money in 2-3 business days. I called back after thinking about it, and said no.

    Called to check on what they say now…”all of our representatives are currently busy…” spiel, wonder if they are recognizing phone number and ignoring?

    Have been told a differing story by each person I have talked to.

    My oldest son was killed in a construction accident in Kansas City MO on November 10, 2009. I never would have even looked at this before Ryan was killed.

    The $600.00 is two house payments, which I am now behind.

    Implied consent? More like robbery.

  153. The CEO said buy my product,if you dont learn we will give you 10 dollars rofl. we learned something from baldie for sure.

  154. Update on me. I talked to Earnest on 1/16 who said he had good news, that I was getting all of money back, in 2-3 business days, and had a confirmation number for me…we will see.

    In reading what is happening to people on here, and the almost 500,000 other places you find on VP, it is apparent that this company will do anything to scam people.

    From adding charges, to returning boxes after person sends to company, to saying box got there late, was logged in late…the excuses are endless.

    And if you go to King 5 News out of Seattle WA, there in living color, is a man, Don Arsenault who was also scammed.
    But he contacted the TV station, and got Jesse to call and he got his money back, all of it. And Mr. Arsenault is a business man, a Realtor, who knows how to understand contracts, and read the fine print, does it daily. If he is taken in by them, with his expertise, what chance does anyone else have?

  155. Success, I got both payments back in account on Monday, the 18th in a memo deposit, and was in checking account on the 19th. Still out the money to cancel debit card, and two S/H fees, as well as overdrafts of $40.00. Total is $67.90, and will be badgering them for that too.

    Contact Jason in missives above for help, he knows what he is talking about.

  156. While i agree that VP’s return and unsolicited cd policies are fraudulent, I also believe that most of the people getting scammed are quite naive. Read the fine print. Look at everything on their website. Research extensively before giving out CC numbers. Always. Now when did you ever believe that you could get anything in this world for free? “Testing” a “free” laptop? I get those scammy e-mails just like everyone else, but if you really believe the drivel they promise you, then you are just gullible and you WILL be taken advantage of. Wake up, people, NOTHING in this world is free,especially from companies that promise free stuff and can afford to buy massive airtime for their public-access-tv-style commercials….come on. Put 2 and 2 together and THINK!

  157. To All:
    My story is the same as all the above. I wanted to learn about the new EXCEL 7. I saw the ad on TV and went to the Website and thought I was ordering tutoral for $9.95 as a promotion. A claim like, “Just try one of my lessons for $9.95. I am sure you will buy others.” I really thought I would get one for $9.95. Instead I got a charge on my credit card for $398.95. I never opened the package. “They” said that since 10 days had expired, they would not take a return even if it were unopened. I did not order three, only one. They charged for three. Now What!
    I did complain to the Better Business Bureau. I have one of those fringe benefit attorney “free” attorney services. I think I will take advantage of it.
    If this is not technically illegal, it is unethical and deceitful. They have not heard the last from me.

  158. Boy! Did I get taken by these jerks. Same as what is reported above–thought I was only paying for shipping on two e-bay training tapes. Wound up locked into a monthly membership and then found out I was billed $287.76 for the two e-bay tapes after 30 days.

    I’m fighting hard to get all this reversed. Girl on the phone promised the last charge would be reversed and that I had not yet been billed on the last tape. But I have to jump through different hoops to get my money back on the ebay tapes since it’s been longer than 30 days.

    But now reading the above, I’m leary they will even do what the promised on the phone. I’ll be watching.

    BEWARE! Don’t order anything from this deceptive company!


  159. A few days ago, I ordered EXCEL tutorial from Video Professor. I had given them my American Express card number. Pretty soon, I saw a charge for $6.95. Fair enough, however, a few days later, I saw a charge for $389.95. I called them up right away and they told me the charge was for advanced EXCEL lessons. I told them I had not even opened the box! They told me I had to notify them within 10 days and since I did not notify them, they charged me this amount. When I complained, they tried to sell me additional $800 worth of software (according to them) for $400. I said no, I wanted my money back. After talking to their supervisor, I was able to get my money back after about 10 days. There would be no Video Professor in my future!

  160. thank you–I was looking at purchasing vp lessons–I am glad I decided to be an informed consmer first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!With the years of comments on this site alone -there is a big enough question in my mind to make me steer clear from this company!! It is sad that this practice within vp(and other companies)is allowed to continue and hurt honest consumers!

  161. Video Professor free trial, DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! Give them your credit card number for the shipping and they jam you up for $389! DO NOT USE VIDEO PROFESSOR EVER EVER EVER. NEVER

  162. Video Professor makes me sick! His advertisements about “I’m the one who gives away the free computer lessons”–what a joke! Does anyone realize how much money he is making off of postage? Free is free…Video Professor IS NOT FREE!

  163. I got scammed, too. The first lesson is not free, no onligation. They hit me for $389 for a Quicken lesson. Theives!

  164. I order a “free” Ebay software program. 45 days later I got a $400 bill on my credit card. This company is a collection of thieves. Do not in any case place an order with them.

  165. I ordered a ?free? Ebay software program. 45 days later I got a $400 bill on my credit card. Do not in any case place an order with them.

  166. what a scam. fraud. i turned them in to my bank fraud unit. investigation is in order. they should be prosecuted. i ordered the free offer and told them that was all i wanted, what was free and i would pay the shipping less than $5. but i emphasized the free part and nothing else. i didn’t know they were recording me. the came back to bite them on the ass when they claimed i ordered this stuff, i remembered what i said and told them i’d love to hear the recording. that shut them up. they sent me this ridiculous package you would think was real expensive. but i knew i had told them “only what was free” so i didn’t think much about the 3 disk pack until i checked my online banking site for my balance and saw a $389.99 debit by video professor. i shot through the roof. i immediately called the bank and asked them why they didn’t block the transaction and they said because it was internet related and this qualifies as a non-threatening source of transactions. so they didn’t flag or block or call me like they do when i’m trying to buy something at a pos(point of sale) like they do all the time. so i explained the problem and they said i had to wait 30 days after i returned my stuff. i had to call vp and they first said i called too late. it was the 11th day. this had taken place over the christmas/ny holidays and they refused to take a refund. i told them about my request to send only what was free. they hung up on me. so i called back and got someone else who was more flexible. i do not know why but think they have a computer that tracks calls. this second person said that i had called within a timely manner and agreed to take a refund and return of merchandise. did that and waited thirty days and no refund came. i called the bank fraud unit at my bank (wells fargo) and they were real good. they gave me a provisional credit on my account for the full value and opened a fraud investigation. i would testify in the supreme court if asked against what they did to me and many other as it seems. do not do business with vp. they lie and rip people off. most people are stupid and take this kind of mistreatment, although i hope i am wrong. by this website it seems some people know what to do. they should be closed down and suffer a lawsuit. class action, i’m ready. maybe i should head this one off except i have so much on my plate. like helping with the lakota reservation in south dakota and a calearth building project. we need to raise $10,000 for finishing a structure and buying a wind turbine. any questions about vp or pine ridge email is

  167. I also have gotten ripped off by this company I was only aware of the 1.00 dollar deal and then they send me this package that I never asked for but they took out 399.95., out of my credit card. And when I called them they were really mean over the phone. And then I was also. Then she said I heard what you said when she put me on hold. Then she said they would send me back a 100.00 refund. And I said to her that your going to send me that back after your company took 399.95, out of my account without my permission.I want all of my money returned. Or I will see my lawyer. Then she came back on the phone saying it will be put back into my account in 24 hours, and it wasn’t. That is how much of a lying scheming company they are. I am not with them yet. I was told by my bank to call them and get the person name and if I don’t get anywhere with them that way to tell them and they will fill out some paper work and send to them, and I will get put back into my credit card to my bank.I am really upset that it makes my blood boil. And I have a pretty mean temper. They better watch out for me, because I’m not done with these people. If I have to they will be turned in to the BBB.

  168. I to was scammed by Video Professor. Report to your states BBB and Attorney General.

    To Claudia Cabrera – Just who do you think you are to come on here and judge people with your “better than thou” attitude? The people on this site have lost money that they needed to feed their children or pay their rent and you are going to come on here and chastise them for trying to gain knowledge in what they hoped was an affordable way? What? You are perfect and have never made a mistake? Here is some advice for you: Stop preaching to other people to try to make yourself feel smarter!! A smart person would not feel the need to go on a website and preach to people about something they know nothing about. You probably believe that if a woman wears a skirt she deserves to be raped to, huh? What, are you such a loser that you hop from one website to another thinking to yourself, “hmmm, what obvious lesson can I point out to these people, that they have already learned through experience?” I am sooooo sick of arrogant, self-serving, pretentious, and rude people such as yourself!!!! Get a life and stop trying so hard to pass on your deluded advice!!!!

  169. This page has over 3.5 years worth of complaints. You are pathetic for falling for this. The VP is a complete and utter douchebag, but Charles Darwin spoke of survival of the fittest… obviously you idiots aren’t very fit. Wooooow. This makes me want to dedicate 7 seconds of my life to devising a very basic shipping scheme that fools hundreds of thousands of morons. I won’t do it, I have a bit of a heart and money isn’t that great (once the revolution starts, you’ll all realize that). That said, open your eyes to what this evil world offers; instead of just signing your name on any thing that sounds moderately good. These computer programs are so easy to learn on your own anyway, play around on them for a few minutes and you’ll be fine. I want to feel bad for you people, but sadly you’re just pathetic minions to the world of scams. Good luck in re-obtaining your cash. I suppose you, kinda, deserve it… although I was taught at a young age to protect my money. NO I DO NOT WORK FOR VP, I was just floating around the internet and stumbled upon this idiocy. I wouldn’t mind seeing VP keel over because he is a manipulative asshole. Peace out, take better care of your funds.

  170. I ordered the free trial and paid 4$ for S&H. I sent them an email about returning it before it even got to me because I read the reviews after I paid for the S&H on the trial. They said I had till April 22nd, 2010 to return it. I returned it with confirmation April 2nd, 2010. They billed me April 3rd 2010 for 400$. I already contacted my bank and the BBB and the FTC about it. I suggest you all do the same if you want your money back within the week. I should receive my money within next week.

    When I spoke to a woman on the phone she was very nice when I told her I returned the product.

    Once I asked her about the 400$ she started going ballistic. She promised me that I would not get billed and it would get refunded by next week. When I asked why I got billed 20 days before she said I didn’t and don’t have to worry about it. I asked why did I get billed if I didn’t. She then said “Are you kidding me jesus christ.” And then tried to cover the phone and ask for someone and said “(someones name) this ass is being rude” Which I was not being rude at all and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be billed.

    I’ll leave it up to the BBB, FTC, and Chase my favorite bank :D.

    Burn in hell employees and CEO of Video Professor I hope I can file charges and sue for thousands.

  171. After reading all the above posts, I checked out the BBB to see what they had to say about VP. The BBB gives VP an ‘A’ rating. It also gives a lot of information saying buyer beware. I have about lost my respect for a BBB rating. It seems that having the accreditation from the BBB, and VP has been an accredited BBB business since May 2005, isn’t worth the pixels used on my computer screen. Like I said earlier, there was a lot of information on the BBB site “warning” a consumer what to look for in “free offers.”

    It seems that when going to a website that gives the BBB accreditation as a “reference,” one should go to the BBB site and look further. An ‘A’ rating from the BBB does not mean the company worth doing business with.

  172. I did read the fine print and followed all the rules and they still robbed me out of $400. I was supposed to have a 10 day free trial, yet they claim that I received thier product on a Sunday via USPS and therefore charged my account ten days from the Sunday… I didn’t even get it till Wednesday. But, giving them the benifit of the doubt, even if it could of been here on Monday, that means they charged my account on the 9th day. From what they were telling me, they allow for 3 days delivery from the day they send it out to you… and they don’t acknowledge non-delivery days!
    I will say that they admitted the error was thiers but they are now trying to convince me that it takes 21-30 business days to issue a refund. After a whole lot of screaming at them, they offered up a 3-5 business days. I have worked at enough places, doing accounting, that I know how long it actually takes to issue a refund. They are seriously trying to blow smoke up my @$$.
    Today, I am happy to report that I have totally ruined the day for 2 employees and I am working on a 3rd.
    I will file complaints with all the appropriate places, BBB is already done, but I will also make thier life miserable as they continue to play games with my money.
    Since they violated the terms of the contract, it is theft and I hate thieves almost as much as I hate liars.

  173. Disagree. I have invoked VP three times now. Each time, VP has sent the free lessons, as advertised, and the additional lesson(s) as outlined in the T&C. This lesson style does not purport to tell all there is to know, it does give a quick overview and sufficient knowledge to enable a running start towards further competence through actual self-motivated study and practice. This time, thinking that once again I would get the free lesson and pay the $70 for the other, the charge was well, considerable higher. However, that misunderstanding is a mistake entirely on my own part. When I called to ask about this latest purchase, the operator immediately suspended further sending, informed me that I would recieve a rebate voucher to be completed, giving me back at least a portion of the charge, and offered to send me a notebook, which I declined, as I have a fairly high-powered laptop already, and do not need extra hardware.
    I think that resposibility for invoking their offer should reast with the receiver, and that charges of scam are overblown. Thank you.

  174. SCAMMMED is a understatement. This ?organization? should be all be prosecuted. Not only did I mail them back to them, they still took my money from my CC, but never returned the discs that what mailed back to me. I intend to use every governmental agency to see that these ‘thieves’ are put out of service if they can avoid heavy fines and/or jail. I want my money back as they had promised and yet to see a check. Its probably in the check. When is the Gov’t going to put checks in these loops so these can’t happen to honest people again.

  175. I just experienced dealing with video professor and echo the comments in this blog. I wanted to get the freebie offer and choose Access2007 as a subject. I had great difficulty in finding the CD sales for this item and wound up signing on for free access for $1.00. I learned that this was an online access and had no interest but I later learned that if I did not cancel within 7 days I would be billed $129. I cancelled this morning and if any charge shows up on my card I will dispute same. I later found (with difficulty)a place to have a CD sent to me for a $6.95 shipping charge. Only problem here is that you have to accept not only the 2007 version disk but the 2003 and 1 earlier disk as well. If you keep all three disks you will be billed $400. I presume that I will have to pay to return the earlier disks which I do not want and will do. The entire thing reeks of a slimy way to try and gain and justify unwarranted income. Some folks would call it stealing. Once I am finished with this episode I will not be in touch with Video Professor again. It is too bad too since I have found other subjects useful especially for folks with limited computer expertise and have recommended them in past presentations. That will not happen again either.

  176. Please do not order this !!!

    I received the excel course promptly, I was going to learn excell for a job I was going to get but didn’t. I had the course for 5 days, and then I tried to call the customer service line that they provided in thier package 1-800-519-4110. Well I tried calling yesterday 4/27 and today 4/28, noting that I am in eastern standard time and they are mountain time (open from 7am to 9pm) as their info letter in the package states.

    Well,… I got a recording saying thank you for calling, but we are closed now, please call during our regular business hours.Then I tried 2 other numbers I found on my bank statement and one from their website.

    And folks thats it, no option to leave a message, no info on the actuall hours ( I tried calling on the hour all day today 4/28/2010 and got the same message on all 3 differant phone numbers!).

    At least I was only billed the $6.97. And I closed my bank account today, so I won’t have to endure VP’s dishonest practices (they wanted $399.00 for the course after the 10 day trial offer).

    How can someone return this garbage if it states you have to have a RMA number to return the VP and you can’t even contact the scammers..

    Thank you for my say… beware please….

  177. I happen to like the product. I am a teacher and used the Video Professor Access to teach my students access. They were able to go further in the subject the the text book they were using. I must admit, I did have to return some CD’s and they promised to refund, however I never followed up. Stupid me.

    I will use again, however, I think I will use a pre-paid card when I order again. I will also make sure that I want the product.

  178. congrats, folks -VP’s doors are locked and the parking lot is
    empty. Too bad about 50 local folks losing their jobs though…

  179. I just came from the bank and just like everyone else I was taken by vp. My next move will be to see an attorney and my first question will be how to bring about a class action lawsuit against vp.

  180. i seen the add on Tv.ordered free. video. got another bunch of CD’s did not order. was charged 389.00. called and returned them after getting approval. after 4 months. and calling every month to get off my bill. get i get another bill of $389.00.

  181. I sent away for the videos and got scammed out of $399.95 I sent the videos back unopened and they told me I would recieve my money in 15 to 30 days Guess what? I still do not have it. I tried calling their phone number and they have a recording. No one to talk to. I am so mad right now I have turned it over to my Lawyer. It may not seem like alot of money to them, but to me it is. Has anyone seen his commercial on TV lately? I haven’t

  182. I got scammed too! I signed up to try out the html lesson (it was terrible btw) I called to return it and the lady said I had until the 18th to decide and to call back before then, so i did. However on the 16th they charged me the $400 for it. So i called again and was told and I qoute “Sometimes the people here just read the date it says in the computer and don’t realize it’s not correct” and somehow this is my fault and the best they can do is give me a discount on another lesson. Well after a while she finally authorized my refund, so i mailed it back. 2 weeks later and no refund so I called again and was told it was approved and would take up to 30 days. Its now 40 days later and no refund and now their phone support is shut down and they dont respond to emails. They are a total scam, DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM.

  183. I have not had the misfortune of being scammed by MR. Scherer, I just never trusted him. This country has been pushed to the edge of Bankruptcy by RUTHLESS CAPITALISM, and we need to get legislation enacted while we have an administration in office that favors consumers over con-men. Keep filing your complaints here and with the FCC, FTC, BBB, Newspaper, Radio & TV Stations, Banks, Credit Cards, Postmaster, Congress, Private Attorneys and notify everyone you know by word of mouth. Take action now, the more that we let this continue the worse it will get. Be completely truthful with anything you say or put in print, post to Facebook, Myspace and any other Social Networking sites you may use. Contact the U.S. Attorney Generals office and POTUS.

    Eric Holder:

    White House Contact:

  184. a quick update, I ended up locating John Scherer’s email address and sending him an email. I got a canned response here are the highlights:

    ” If you are contacting Video Professor with a refund request, please be aware that we are not processing any credit card transactions at this time and therefore are unable to process refunds. Please contact your banking institution directly for more information on how to receive a refund. Please be assured that you will receive your refund.

    At this time our Customer Service Department is no longer available. Again, if you are requesting a refund you must contact your banking institution.”

    I did contact my credit card prior to getting this email to report the charge and amazingly today my account was credited by my bank for the full amount, including finance charges. I am so happy it is over and wish anyone else dealing with video professor the best of luck.

  185. I ordered Access 2002 back in March. I noticed a couple days later that there was a $399 charge on my card. I immediately called them and they finally agreed (after about 20 minutes of arguing) to refund my money. They said it would take about 20 business days. I immediately fed ex’ed the cd’s back to them. I called them yesterday because it has been way over 20 business days. Guess what? I get a message on their phone saying they are transitioning to online only and are not providing any refunds. So now I am out $400 and see no way of getting it back. Anyone have any ideas?

  186. They are not answering phone calls anymore and I believe they are going under. They now offer all their lessons online for FREE??? and no obligation. Charged me $399 and never recieved ANYTHING! Pure bullshit and I have turned them in to the BBB, but other than that, I’m fighting my bank to take action. That guy can go to hell.

  187. I too am one of the “taken”, although, I returned my cd within the 30 day period! It has been 4 months now, and after 2 calls (before they stopped taking customer calls) confirming that they had received the returned merchandise and their promise to manually process the refund, I have yet to receive it. I find it hard to believe that a company that claims to have been in business for 20 years could survive with these low levels of integrity and honesty.

    I, too, am having to try to get my bank to help me get back the $400, but it is now out of the 60 day dispute term, so I don’t know what will happen. Take it from this single mom, just trying to give her family a better life by learning new skills….there ain’t nothing out there free, and even if you follow the rules, there are people out there that will take advantage of you. But I do believe in Karma, so I can smile! If there is a class action suit in process…please contact me, I would like to be involved.

  188. I never opened up the envelope, and never learned that they legally encumbered me. I got three fraudulent charges: a second $9.99, $189.95, and $389.95.
    The vidprof number 800-525-7763 that shows up in the description of the credit card charge directs you two ways. Either to their website, or informs you that because they can no longer process credit card refunds, seek a refund from the credit card company.
    Its amazing he gets away with this. I wish credit card companies would rate venders, and inform customers when they make a charge with an “unsafe” or high complaint retailer.

  189. After reading all these comments, I’m sick and obviously screwed by Video Professor to the tune of $200. plus. Return the merchandise and get a credit? So far, thats a joke. Now you can’t even call to complain

  190. I don’t have an issue with the postage and handling fee VP requests. That amount they request is cheap compared to other mail order gimmicks. My issue with Video Professor is the broken promise and the dance they do to keep you hanging. They sent me my request; I tried it for five days (even though they gave me 10 days)- then called them on March 9, 2010 to cancel. The man told me I needed to send back one of the three discs. My credit card would not be charged – not even for the shipping. Then the hard sell started. He talked me into buying the program. He offered it for $189.95 with an added bonus of a computer notebook. The notebook offer just came available that day and was so new my salesman had to inquire with his supervisor about the details of this offer. No added cost. My card was charged $189.95 on March 15th. This is when the fun :0( started. I called 800-525-7763 customer service many times. On April 21 I was told the order went to process on 4/9 and would be 4 to 6 weeks before I would receive it. Well here it is June 7th and guess what??? Not only is there no computer notebook – THERE IS NO LONGER A CUSTOMER SERVICE! All contact is now on line. Go to and at the bottom click “contact us”. It is required to pick a purpose for contacting them. Inquiring about the missing notebook was not one of them. When you call the customer service number 800-525-7763 and punch option 2 – for a refund – the recording states that VP is not offering credit card return credits that you have to go to your own credit card company to get reimbursed. Oh yeh, they say sorry for the inconvenience – please keep the program for free. Also, they are giving away other programs at no charge.

  191. I received my package and was charged only 5 days after receiving it. I hadn’t even opened it yet. I was told to return it any they would refund my money. I waited 6 weeks and called, they told me it takes 30 business days to return funds. That was three months ago. The website is closed for repairs, the phone numbers are constantly busy. No way to contact them to get my $400 back. I am a single mom raising 3 kids. Takes real scum to scam people out of their hard earned money. Wish I found your site sooner.

  192. I too was charged $395.00 for what was to be 1 free lesson. When I opened the box and found this out I immediately repackaged it, wrote a letter and sent it back. Months went by and nothing. I contacted my credit card company when the #395.00 charge appeared, jumped through their hoops and because so much time had passed the credit card company said they could not help. Once again I tried to contact Video Professor and my mail was returned “return to sender – video professor has moved and left no forwarding address.” !!

  193. Yes, I got scammed too. I called for an instructional cd. I did not open the box, I just called my credit card people, explained what happened, and returned to sender thru the mail unopened. Now I?m waiting to see what happens.

  194. I tried the “free” CD’s and returned them. I called customer service because they charged my account $199 in addition to the amount of the postage. Customer Service said they weren’t received timely and the girl handling my call was so rude and literally screaming at me. Shocking to say the least. I told her they weren’t for beginners and she said they were more for people in the industry. Guess I’ll just take John Scherer himself to small claims court.

  195. I was also suckered by the absolutely free offer. So after my experience I listened to the ads on TV carefully. There is no doubt that it’s their intent to have us believe that the ebay lesson is completely free. It doesn’t matter if there is one cd , 3 or a dozen. I believed that the entire package was free and that they were so confident in it that I would come back and buy other lessons and then I would pay the $189 for other lessons.

    What amazes me is that this stuff seems to be legal!!!!!!! No wonder this country is headed where it is.

    Anyway stay away from Video Professors and anyone else that is selling things of this nature on TV that requires a small payment just to get your credit card number. Because if you do it’s going to COST you. These guys with our current laws know how far they can scam you and still get away with it. Don’t ask me why the government sits on their hands on this stuff.

  196. Yes, I am another sucker who got scammed.I tried phoning, I wrote letters etc. etc.I was sent more packages for which I was charged in excess of $200(Canadian),all on Master Card, who refused to provide me with any remedial action. I feel that there should be a way that credit card companies can publish a list of complaints once they have received, say, about 50, about these scammers so that the public can be made aware of the scammers business practices. So far the only advice I can offer is”caveat emptor”.(let the buyer beware!)

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