03/30/2024 – Update:  My schedule is currently FULL and as such I’m not accepting new marketing automation or fractional CMO clients at this time.  That said, you can hire my agency for full-service SEO or Amazon FBA management.

Marketer + Technologist + Small Business Owner

If you are in need of a senior-level consultant who possesses deep experience and understanding of marketing, technology and overall business strategy, then look no further than Jon Payne.

Jon Payne is a recognized expert in the field of digital marketing, having established his prior company, a marketing agency named Ephricon, as one of the leading niche SEO (search engine optimization) firms in the country. He then expanded his to provide full-service digital marketing for both lead generation and e-commerce clients. Jon grew his agency to 15 employees and over $2mm in annual revenue, and then negotiated the successful sale of his agency to a larger competitor as part of his exit plan.


  • Outsourced CMO (aka Fractional CMO)
    The retainer services that I offer focus on strategic marketing, essentially serving as the senior marketing person for my clients.  Often they are companies that might have two or three junior to mid-level marketing staff, but the cost associated with hiring a full-time CMO or VP of Marketing is just more than makes sense or is overkill given the need.  This is where I can help out.  I can offer the experience and strategic guidance that you need, but can do so on a part-time basis.

    Basically you can hire 1/4 of a CMO at 1/3 of the cost.  Hence the term, “fractional CMO”.  I will take ownership of all marketing activities, will build and manage the marketing plan and oversee the staff.  This can include radio, direct mail, internet marketing, SEO/PPC, outbound sales, content marketing, etc.

  • Board of Directors Member
    Looking for someone who understands the technical aspects of internet marketing and web development, yet also gets the big picture business strategy challenges?  My experience with literally hundreds of different clients in various industries means that I’ve seen almost everything when it comes to e-commerce and web marketing.

  • Training for Your In-House Team (SEO, PPC, etc.)
    As the founder an owner of one of the top SEO agencies for 10 years, I’ve trained quite a few people over the years in understanding and implementing effective SEO techniques. This includes both those with substantial prior experience with SEO and web-related work, as well as employees who were just out of school and had little to know knowledge of web marketing. I believe in ensuring a solid understanding of theory and algorithms, while focusing on actionable, practical activities that can be implemented to quickly and steadily “move the needle”. Whether you are looking for a one-time training engagement to be customized to your team’s needs, or an ongoing resource to bounce ideas off of and offer as-needed training – either way I can help. Just contact me to learn more.

Those are my high-level consulting services.  I also offer topic-specific services too:

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