No Windows Updates for Pirates

Microsoft Update SS

So I went to install my Microsoft Windows Updates today and noticed something a bit different. I’m not saying its “new”, but rather new to me. The screenshot above I got after first installing a new piece of software simply to use the site. Then, prior to actually getting to the stage where you can pick which updates you want to install, I got the screen above.

It reads:

To get updates, you must first validate your Windows software. Validation assures that you are using an authentic and fully licensed copy of Windows.

The heading reads “Genuine Windows Validation”. Looks like Microsoft has decided to deprive users of illegal copies of Windows the security updates. Perhaps they expect this to place information-security fear into those users who have illegal copies, thus causing them to purchase legal versions in the future.

It may also give them a reasonable estimate of how many illegal copies there are out there – by comparing the before and after numbers of people installing updates.


Update: This seems to be the official Microsoft explanation.