Super Bowl & Internet Traffic

I just noticed an interesting article on MSNBC about Super Bowl TV Ads (selling this year for $2.5 million for a 30 second spot) and how they relate to traffic spikes on the websites of some advertisers. The article mentions that “microsites” are now becoming a key component of these commercials – enabling advertisers to extend the duration of their exposure and dialog with the viewer beyond that 30 seconds, so long as the viewer feels compelled enough to visit the microsite.

Can we say “call to action”? Especially for more expensive goods, ones the may require a bit more research before a consumer looks to purchase… well… for those I think this is quite effective. I’m not likely to run out right after the game and buy a Buick. But I may visit the website if my computer is in the other room (and given that its already booted up) and check out Buick’s website… That’s another “touch”, and likely to be a much more valuable one than the 30 second spot – b/c this time I initiated it, and I am more likely to focus my visit on the two or three things I’m most concerned with.

Hopefully these sites are done well and have some sort of immediately-actionable call to action themselves!