The Power of One Relevant Inbound Link

Try Googling up “nutrtition” – a mispelling of the word “nutrition”. The number one organic ranking, at last at the moment I’m writing this is a company I’ve worked with that provides a nutrition bar for pregnant and nursing women.

We didn’t mispell the word on the site at all, but a quick view of Google’s cache shows that the site does have at least one inbound link with that word incorrectly spelled.

In doing a little research into the inbound links, since there are only a couple of dozen as the site is still quite new, I can only find one site linking with that spelling of the word. However, it does appear to be a number of sections on a site that is highly relevant and closely themed (a blog about pregnancy and having a baby). But hey, of 579 total results for that term our site is #1 on the strength of a few links from that one site alone, well ahead of the majority of the other sites which feature on-page spelling errors that yield them for this search. Just an interesting observation…